Olive oil, maintenance center, crickets too noisy: here is your short info of this Tuesday night

Do not be fooled by olive oil. Attracted by the attraction of profit, some traders do not hesitate to sell foreign oil as a local French production. By following a few tips, it is easy to expose the deception.

The new tram maintenance center on fire. An electrical transformer fire led to the evacuation of the staff of the Charles-Ginesy maintenance center in Nice West on Tuesday afternoon. The fire broke out around 17.20, resulting in a large deployment of firefighters.

Tourists irritated by crickets. He did not want to believe it at first, thinking of a bad joke. But these tourists insisted. "They came down to ask me for a solution, an insecticide to get rid of the crickets, the mayor of Beausset Georges Ferrero is insulted. For them it was no longer possible, they kept screaming and made "crac-crac-crac-crac" to the point that they "spoiled" the drink! "

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