Parents send their 6-year-old child stealing a TV

In Aisne, parents sent their 6-year-old girl to steal a TV in a store.

In Soissons on Friday afternoon, the gendarmes lived a rather funny scene, reporting the local newspaper "L & # 39; Union". They were called to do shoplifting in a But Store in the commercial district of Vauxbuin. They discovered that the author of the theft was a 6-year-old girl. The child was sent to the store by his parents to steal the device. The couple waited for the parking lot.

Stolen children's clothing

The TV has been sent back to the board, which has filed a complaint. The girl is not prosecuted, as far as her parents are concerned, they were heard by the gendarmes and will be taken to court in the coming months. "The father, who is already familiar with justice, has health problems that have not allowed his placement in police custody," says the newspaper.

In the car of the parents, from Reims, the gendarmes discovered clothes for children who had been stolen in a shop in the same shopping area.

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