Paris: a man dies stuck in the subway

A man died after being stabbed in the evening of Saturday, revealed
The Parisian
. The scene took place in the Paris metro at Exelmans station, located on line 9 in the 16th arrondissement. Around 7 pm the victim was stabbed by the attacker, who immediately fled. Despite the arrival of help, the man died at 8 pm after his injury.

The scene was filmed by RATP security camera's. A photo was quickly released to enable the police to find the killer. Around 7:45 PM the men of the anti-crime brigade identified the suspect while on the Mirabeau bridge. They found a knife on him before he put him in custody in the premises of the first district of the judicial police. According to the preliminary elements of the investigation, a dispute between the victim and the author is the cause of this deadly aggression, according to a legal source cited by AFP. The investigation was entrusted to the first judicial police district in Paris.

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