Paris wants to restore the management of rents

According to Ian Brossat, housing assistant in Paris, the canceled measure could be in force again by the end of 2018.

Set, canceled … and soon back? Rent supervision could be quickly restored in the capital, according to Anne Hidalgo's assistant who is in charge of housing Ian Brossat, questioned Friday night on BFMTV.

"The city of Paris intends to restore the rental income at the end of 2018 (…) It is essential to protect the purchasing power of the middle class in the capital," he explained.

A new experiment in five years

This return of the device has to become a reality thanks to Elan's law, which must be studied at the end of September in a mixed mixed commission. This text should indeed make it possible to "experiment with the measure on the scale of a city for a period of five years".

The elected Communist of the 18th arrondissement in any case has confidence: "We have received a number of legislative changes from the government and normally we would have this rental framework by the end of the year." The Parisian, rents will be applied under the same conditions as before, with a slight increase in rent allowed because they have increased in the meantime.

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Since the administrative court of Paris in 2017 destroyed the rent controls in the capital, prices have risen. For almost two years, this scheme has set a ceiling for the price per square meter and for the municipality. This measure had helped curb inflation.

A ceiling overwhelmed in many neighborhoods

Since November 2017 and the cancellation of this measure, more than four out of ten advertisements do not meet the ceiling set by the device, especially for surfaces of small studios. This is at least what appears from a survey conducted by and also revealed this weekend The Parisian.

The phenomenon is particularly evident in the Notre-Dame district (in the 4th arrondissement, Ile Saint-Louis and part of Ile de la Cité) and the Mint (northeast of the 6th arrondissement). In these sectors, more than 70% of the ads examined do not meet the ceiling.

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