Pascal Pavageau (FO) fears that the government "wants to put an end to social security"


The secretary-general of Force Ouvrière, Pascal Pavageau, expressed his fear of the future of social security if his budget merged with that of the state, even fearing it was "destroyed".

The fear of a merger. Guest of the morning of Europe 1, Pascal Pavageau spoke of "the risk of a merger (…) between the draft of the budget for social security and the state budget", recalling that "the social security has its own budget, the specific financing ". "The fear we have is an amalgamation of the two to destroy, to destroy no more or less than social security," he warned.

"A logic of state support under conditions". According to him, "the ultimate goal of the government and the goal of the President of the Republic is to end social security and terminate the contribution of all employees, who have a collective right", "to switch to a logic of public assistance, public support under conditions, determined only by the executive power ". "It's the whole social model, especially that built roughly since 1945, that would be destroyed," he said.

If this realizes, "we would eliminate the logic of collective rights on the basis of a contribution, which is a logic of deferred salary that entitles me if (…) I lose my job, so that I get my right to a pension, what I generate if I am ill, conditional public help, that the executive would decide to assign me or not, depending on whether I show conciliation or not, "he concluded.

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