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PARIS (Reuters) – Valérie Pécresse, president of the Ile-de-France region, said Friday that she wanted to be a strong supporter of the Republicans (LR), whose leader, Laurent Wauquiez, will express Sunday in his loan Auvergnat.

Sign of their rivalry, these two figures of LR organized their media return separately after the summer holidays, one in Brive-la-Gaillarde, the other on Mont Mézenc, in the Haute-Loire.

In an interview with Le Figaro, Laurent Wauquiez said he was not worried about a re-opening in a scattered order, which he said was "the sign of a right that resonates and is so much better!"

He says he was not invited to Brive. "It does not scare me, because it is the collection of his microparti, and I am not a member," he adds.

Fifteen months after Emmanuel Macron came to power, questions related to security, purchasing power and solidarity between the territories Valéry Pécresse & # 39; s speech to supporters of his Libres dominated! made the trip to Corrèze.

Denied by the situation in prisons, the "withdrawal of communist community that threatens national cohesion" and the presence on the French soil of people "S" of foreign origin, promised the former minister for the return of "proposals" without taboo "on these topics.

As far as public spending is concerned, it called for a "big bang of lowering government costs to reduce taxes and release energy".

"France needs a fiscal impact, there is urgency," she said.


To combat the "ghetto", the president of the region proposes to limit the share of social housing in the subordinate suburbs and the destruction of "remote neighborhoods" to 30%, following the example of Denmark.

"Leaving Emmanuel Macron a real plan for the suburbs, it's a time bomb," launched the one who defends the idea of ​​an "effective social".

"The right has ideas, you can see it: at Libres, we are working on a political project for France," she summarized.

After ten months of European elections, the perspective of which is discussed at AE, Valérie Pécresse spoke for a project and a list of "powerful pro-European", where it was "considered inconceivable to leave the European monopoly to the Republic in March", party from the head of state.

Without ever mentioning Laurent Wauquiez, Valérie Pécresse launched clapping claws to the president of LR on the theme of rural life and condemned "the stalemate" which she believes "has the right to oppose the inhabitants of the towns and countryside ".

"France needs more cohesion and cohesion than ever, no gaps and grudges," she added to Laurent Wauquiez.

Earlier in the day, in Brive, the mayor of Nice LR, Christian Estrosi, had serious words against the president of the Republicans, who was elected last December to the head of the heirs of the UMP.

"If some people think we are rebuilding our movement using the same methods, the same type of government, the same form of contempt of the militants, the same bureaucratic centralization, the same manichesis, the same sectarianism, the same passion for exclusion and the same aversion to the confrontation of ideas. , the same cult of the leader, so I tell you: there will be no renovation, no resilience, there will be no success or victory, "he said. warned.

In response to his opponents, Laurent Wauquiez reminds us in Le Figaro that he remains "the leader" of his political family and warns of "small personal chapels".

"Now that the illusions of macronism are disappearing, the French are waiting for a clear word from the right," he says. "The time is not for small personal chapels, time is for building a common church."

"Every choice is respectable, but those who practice the division have to think about this: by not stepping on the train, we run the risk of staying in the dock," he adds.

(Elizabeth Pineau, edited by Emmanuel Jarry)

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