Place Beauvau, a ministry in escheat

Gerard Collomb announced his coming departure from the Ministry of the Interior on Tuesday. A personal decision that can be detrimental to a number of current cases.

Gérard Collomb, Minister of the Interior, at a press conference, Place Beauvau, Paris, 6 September.

In the heart of the city of Tarterêts (Corbeil-Essonnes) Gérard Collomb had, on Tuesday 18 September, a taste of what could wait for the next ten months of his government life. A crowd of journalists waited, with microphones in hand, to ask him about the announcement of his future resignation from the office of Minister of the Interior after the next European elections. And too bad for the "security police of everyday life", a device that he had rebooted with lots of symbols.

We have rarely seen self-disturbance as successful. The communication of Gerard Collomb, future candidate for the mayor of Lyon, has come to cross the message of Gerard Collomb, Minister of the Interior. If he was sure he would wear it "With any [s]faith and everything [s]an energy are reforms "In the next months", Gerard Collomb is now in an unprecedented situation under the Ve Republic: that of a pastor who plans his own rearrangement by slow pit and thus renounces his direct authority.

Police house background problems

This personal decision can harm a number of current cases, while the threat of terrorism – even if the number of arrests has decreased in recent months – is still worrying, according to many interlocutors. The period is indeed complicated for more than one reason for the Place Beauvau. Although France has not experienced a major attack for months, the problems with the home police, starting with the historic mistrust with the police headquarters in Paris, have turned violent during the case. Benalla.

Migration issues and Islam are probably also important areas of focus of the European campaign, subjects on which the Ministry of the Interior will be mechanically at the forefront.

The final adoption on 1st August, the controversial project …

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