police union calls for the hearing of Macron adviser

"What my customers want is that everyone is treated in the same way in court". This is what the police lawyer denounced in the Benalla case, interviewed Friday, Aug. 31 on BFM TV.

A character is focused: Ismael Emelien. Special adviser to Emmanuel Macron, he owned the CD that Alexandre Benalla was worth to be investigated for concealing improper appropriation of images from a system of video protection and withholding professional secrecy. de Élysée confirmed the information on 26 July.

"The Elysee had doubts about the origin of this document, and the Chief of Staff, on July 20, in the early morning, reported the report to the public prosecutor under Article 40 of the Code of Criminal Procedure by telling the facts and the video document of which it has not been preserved, "said the presidency then.

Three policemen are being charged

"Mr. Emelien was not heard by the researchers", surprised me Yassine Bouzrou in an application for a law filed on Wednesday 29 August on behalf of the trade union Vigi (former CGT police), a civil party in this case. "It is essential for the manifestation of the truth to determine whether Mr. Emelien has participated in these facts"says the lawyer.

Three officers of the Paris police station are charged with the illegal release of this copy to Alexandre Benalla. The former security man of the president had received this CD in the evening of July 18, in the aftermath of the bewildering revelations of world on the stage of 1 May de la Contrescarpe, in Paris, where Benalla participated violently in the arrest of demonstrators.

On 27 July, the inquiry into judges' instructions was extended to the distribution on Twitter of extracts from this CCTV, including various accounts in the vicinity of the presidential movement En Marche! who defended Mr. Benalla. In July, the MP (Republicans) Guillaume Larrive, co-rapporteur of the committee of inquiry for the members of this case, had asked, without success, hearing Ismael Emelien on these facts.

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