Questionable tags in the display case of Super U – 22/08/2018

Inscriptions that are swollen with yellow paint. Photo Y. B.

Inscriptions that are swollen with yellow paint. Photo Y. B.

Yesterday morning it was shortly before the opening of the store that the manager of the Super U thought that the window of his shop was tagged with dubious inscriptions and filled with spelling mistakes, made after the yellow painting: "Van Arnaud Amory (1) to Arnaud Beltram (2) who are unordered here, are never occitans "; "Outside the freemasons, the arkis, the English, the French came here without reason", or "Volem viure al pais (sic) …".

The BR responsible for the investigation

Around 7:45 the gendarmes of Trèbes were warned, around that time they quickly became members of the Criminal Identification. To facilitate the search for and taking samples from the gendarmerie experts, a security perimeter was also installed without disturbing the commercial activity of the store. For the time being, no trace of the research, which was entrusted to the gendarmes of the research brigade (BR) of Castalnaudary, is associated with that of Trèbes.

According to our information, a Spanish driver who had parked at the Super U parking garage around 10 pm on Monday did not see anything special in the night, except for a vehicle that would have made several passages in the sector around 11 pm. An index like any other that researchers will concentrate on exploitation.

On the old bridge and its cross too

Deeply disappointed in this new event, Super U store manager Éric de la Jonquière did not want to respond yesterday.

In Carcassonne, inscriptions on the ground with the same yellow paint are lifted on the ground, as well as on the foot of the cross.

(1) Arnaud Amaury, archbishop of Narbonne in the 12th century century, was responsible for suppressing the Cathar heresy during the crusade against the Albigensians.

(2) Lieutenant Colonel Arnaud Beltrame, no. 3 of the Aude gendarmerie group, was one of four victims of the terrorist attacks in Carcassonne and Trèbes on 23 last march.

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