racist insults on the answering machine

She is astonished and feels humiliated. Wednesday, August 22, Fatiha Martin discovers a racist message on his phone. An agent of the Guéret pension fund (Creuse) has just left him a message for his mother. He thinks he has hung up and continues to talk to a colleague. "Moreover, she stinks, the girl is Daesh from Crete" she hears on her answering machine. The young woman has never met this advisor. "Today I am a little bit shocked, I have not slept two nights, my mother is shocked, I am a Creuse child, I was born here, my mother is French, I just wanted to help my mother. to follow, she asked nothing wrong, only answers to her questions "says the young woman.

Fatiha Martin has just filed a complaint for defamation. We condemn these words at the pension fund. "We disapprove of this technician's comments, they are unbearable and unacceptable, and once again, on behalf of the management, my apologies to the family," replies Jean-Christophe Crulli, deputy director CARSAT Center West. The agent involved must be heard by his hierarchy. He no longer has contact with the users of the pension fund.

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