Scallops: disagreements at sea between French and British

Scallops: disagreements at sea between French and British
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Changes took place Tuesday morning in the Channel between French and British fishermen, the former have tried to scare the last of a shell that the French are trying to preserve, according to French sources concordant.

The maritime prefecture that sent a boat on the spot remarked that there were "disagreements between French fishermen and British fishermen" but no injuries. "We estimate 35 the number of French boats and 5 the number of British boats," said Lieutenant Marine Ingrid Parot, from the provinces of Manche and North Sea.

"The French have come in contact with the British to prevent them from working, they have rubbed themselves in. They would have thrown stones without any injury or breakage, and the French would almost have surrounded the British." who then left the area, told AFP Dimitri Rogoff, President of the Regional Committee of Fisheries in Normandy.

"About forty boats from Port-en-Bessin, Courseulles, Ouistreham, Trouville, Honfleur, especially Le Havre, were dying at night to sue the British fishermen who plunder the St. James jail," said Rogoff. .

French fishermen who only fish on the scale from 1 October to 15 May, ask the British, whose fishing is not arranged on time, to stay north of a line going from Barfleur (Channel) to Cape Town. Antifer (Seine-Maritime), to preserve the source, according to Mr. Rogoff.

It has been several years since the relations between French and British scallops are taxed. Some years, partial agreements are found between British and French shellfish, but "not this year," according to Rogoff.

But "fishing with the scale is on arm & # 39; s length fishing Norman, no shell, no coastal fishing.The British have already had seven or eight boats in the area for a week, including boats of more than 30 meters" assure Mr. Rogoff .

According to the regional fisheries committee, there are almost 300 boats from Normandy and the Hauts-de-France, ie 1200 families.

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