Seine-Saint-Denis, the department of Ile-de-France that is most affected

To fight against unworthy housing, the city of Aubervilliers has set up the rental license since the beginning of the year, which has been made mandatory by the Alur Act.

The fire that caused seven serious injuries reminds Sunday in Aubervilliers how this city is under the influence of the plague of unworthy homes. Aubervilliers has 75% private housing, 42% potentially unworthy, according to the communist mayor Meri Derkaoui. Worse: Seine-Saint-Denis is the most affected department in Ile-de-France: 7.5% of private homes are potentially unworthy, according to the most recent figures published by the Ministry of Housing. Follow Paris (6.5%) and the Val d & # 39; Oise (3.6%) department (see our chart below).

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Over the past year, the department has stepped up its fight against sleeping traders, many of whom have recently been sentenced to imprisonment. This applies in particular to a family that rents substandard homes in Aulnay-sous-Bois, Bobigny and Montreuil. Last month, a psychiatrist was banned from practicing by the Order of Physicians for renting unworthy homes in Saint-Denis.

The district where the fire took place is concerned about the national program for the rehabilitation of old degraded neighborhoods (PNRQAD), these city centers that are often invested by owners who live at a high price and ignore the safety rules of precarious populations. Aubervilliers signed this agreement on 17 December 2010. It was implemented in 2011 and has to end … this year. More than 60 million euros would be committed, including nearly 20 million by the state.

The project involved the construction or rehabilitation of 364 homes, including just under half of the social housing, after the demolition of 172 homes in the center of the city. It is clear that, according to the mayor of Aubervilliers, the bill is not there. "This is a neighborhood that needs to be renovated, which has been waiting for a long time, deplores Mériem Derkaoui.We have progressed in small parts, through buildings, through street numbers, but it is necessary a generalized generalized transformation of this type of habitat to no longer experience the drama. that the Albertivillariens have been living since yesterday (Sunday) evening ".

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In order to combat unhealthy housing, the city has introduced the rental permit at the beginning of the year which approves the Alur law. Any private owner who wants to rent his apartment must apply for a rental permit, issued by the town hall after inspection of the property. A landlord who has not applied for a permit to rent out his home is subject to a fine of 5000 euros, or 15,000 euros in case of renting a house despite an unfavorable opinion.

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