Seven serious injuries, including five children, in a fire in Aubervilliers

Seven badly wounded, including five children, in a fire at Aubervilliers
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A fire in an apartment building caused seven serious injuries, including five children, Sunday in Aubervilliers, less than a month after a disaster that claimed the life of a mother and her three children. the same city of Seine-Saint-Denis.

Among these seven wounded is a particularly affected woman and whose vital prognosis was recorded Sunday night, we learned from the Brigade of firefighters in Paris (BSPP). She had a heart attack but could be resuscitated, we learned from the prefecture. Four of the children were hospitalized in Garches (Hauts-de-Seine), the fifth in Necker, in Paris.

Sixteen people were somewhat affected, especially by the fumes, including ten police officers and a fireman came to the site to try to evacuate the residents, according to an updated balance.

The fire broke out around 19:00 for reasons that were not yet known under the eaves of a modest two-storey building, a supermarket on the ground floor. It required the intervention of a hundred firefighters in this municipality bordering on Paris, specified locally by captain Florian Lointier, of the BSPP.

Firefighters, aided by forty trucks, managed to control the flames at 7:30 pm and prevent fire from spreading to adjacent buildings and the roof, they said. The incident was described completely around 9 pm

According to a police source, some residents of the house came through the windows to escape the flames and fumes and some sought refuge on the roof.

Scientific police were on site on Sunday evening to carry out the first investigations to get information about the causes of the incident.

"Mobilization exemplary"

By 22:30, the important police apparatus that was set up around the scene of the tragedy that was generated, under the gaze of a few spectators, found an AFP journalist. On the façade, the small house-like building, located at a crossroads in a residential area, carried little stigma of the disaster.

In a tweet, Minister of Home Affairs Gerard Collomb praised the exemplary mobilization & # 39; of firefighters and policemen and he sent his & # 39; first thoughts & # 39; to the wounded.

This serious fire is the second that the city of Aubervilliers in less than a month.

On July 30, a fire on the 17th floor of a council building in the city resulted in the death of a 33-year-old pregnant mother and her three children aged 18 months to 6 years. Nine people were injured.

The government then paid tribute to the youth of the neighborhood who had saved lives by climbing the floors to save the inhabitants.

"Aubervilliers again hit by a fire," said the mayor (PCF) of the city, Meriem Derkaoui on Twitter, who "calls a private home whose conditions of occupation remain unclear."

"My thoughts are with the victims and their families." Municipal services are currently on foot. to help the victims, "she added.

When investigating the first incident, a 10-year-old child, suspected of having caused the incident by playing with a lighter and a cloth in the building, sued in Bobigny.

Followed for deliberate fire resulting in death, but he is not criminally responsible because of his young age and is forced to leave the congregation.

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