several wounded in case of knife attack

A man, armed with a knife and an iron bar, was arrested by a squad of the Anti-Crime Brigade on Sunday evening after injured seven people, including four seriously, in the 19th arrondissement in Paris. "There is nothing at this stage to preserve the terrorist nature of these attacks," according to a source close to the investigation.

The perpetrator, originally from Afghan origin, "attacked people who were unknown to him on the street" according to the same source. He initially struck three people shortly before 11 pm in the MK2 cinema, located on the edge of the Ourcq Canal. A witness who played petanque in the neighborhood tried to keep him under control by throwing a ball. The man was hit by the projectile and fled before he attacked two English tourists a bit further, rue Henri Nogueres.

Youssef Najah, 28, walking along the canal on the Quai de Loire, saw a man running with a 25-30 cm knife in his hand, there were about twenty people chasing him, throwing him balls of petanques. took 4 to 5 balls on his head, but they could not stop him.
Still according to this witness, the man then engulfed himself in a stalemate, "tried to hide behind two English tourists." They were told, be careful, he has a knife, but they did not respond, these tourists were then attacked.

According to a film watch, who saw the end of the scene, the man had already attacked and pursued people by two other men who were trying to arrest him. "He had an iron bar in his hand and threw it on his pursuers and pulled out a knife," he told an AFP journalist.

The investigation, opened on the basis of attempted murder, was entrusted to the 2nd district of the judicial police of Paris.

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