Six smoking chicha worded on a La Grande-Motte beach

Six people were articulated because they smoked chicha on a beach in La-Grande-Motte, Hérault (illustration) – Superstock / Sipa

It has been several years since the consumption of narghile was developed in France. But smokers are not welcome in some municipalities, such as La-Grande-Motte in the Hérault. In fact,
reports Midi-Libre, six people were put into words on Tuesday
The beach of Grand-Travers.

An anti-shisha regulation since 2010

After an initial awareness campaign this weekend, 28 officers of the gendarmerie and the security police of the newspaper carried out a more repressive intervention on Tuesday. They were helped by a dog that specialized in research into narcotics.

For captain Antoine Garcia, commander of the gendarmerie company Lunel, the police intervention was caused by the observation of various clumsiness on the beach. In addition, La-Grande-Motte issued an anti-shisha order in 2010.

At the same time the town hall of La Garde-Freinet arrived in the Var
forbid water pipe drinking between noon and two o'clock in the morning near public places. There is indeed a discussion about the harmfulness of shisha, which breathes 25 times more tar than a cigarette.

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