Sophie Davant, Jean-Jacques Bourdin and Caroline Roux resume this week

Direct Bourdin on RMC and RMC Découverte, Case closed on France 2 and C in the air on France 5 are back two weeks for the rest.

From Tuesday morning at 6 am, listeners of RMC will find the singular voice of Jean-Jacques Bourdin Direct Bourdin. For this new season, the reporter will send back the antenna at 9 a.m. instead of 10.00, followed by The Great Maws, led by Alain Marschall and Olivier Truchot. Why did he not start again Monday morning? The teams of Direct Bourdin enjoyed his absence by remembering that the day before he was at the Costières Stadium in Nîmes to attend the victory of the club where he will be vice-president against Marseille.

From sixteen on Monday, France broadcasts 2 of the first unpublished songs of the second season ofCase concluded, everyone has something to sell. The flagship program of the afternoon channel organized by Sophie Davant is back a week earlier It starts today, presented by Faustine Bollaert from 1.55 pm, and I love you, etc. by Daphne Bürki at 15:05. Finally Caroline Roux takes control of France 5 from 5:50 PM C in the air from Monday to Thursday. Alex de Tarlé succeeds Bruce Toussaint on Friday.

In prime time, M6 launches the thirteenth season of this Monday night Love is in the meadow from 9.00 pm "This season has a color, an extra soul through the link created between farmers," Karine Le Marchand said. "It was extraordinarily beneficial and very moving for us." There has been mutual help since reading the e-mail. "

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