Stéphane Bern leaves his mission when he is only a "cache misery"

TV presenter Stéphane Bern threatened Friday at the end of the year to leave the mission behind the heritage that Emmanuel Macron had entrusted to him when he finally felt like a "cache misery" or a "puppet". The Minister of Culture Françoise Nyssen immediately ensured his & # 39; commitment without fault & # 39; and the & # 39; political will & # 39; of the head of state for the preservation of the heritage, in a statement to AFP.

In an interview with the newspapers of the group that sent Ebra to AFP, Stéphane Bern called "good and evil" in his mission to help endanger local heritage. He said that he was 'pleased' that he had aroused the French's interest for this purpose & # 39; and the organization of the lotto legacy of September 14 and the launch of a scratch game, which should collect 15 to 20 million dollars. euro.

An interview and frustrations. But he insists mainly on his frustrations. "I have heard that we are ready to mobilize 450 million euros to renovate the Grand Palais in Paris and during this time I can decortify to find 20 million euros for the local heritage of small villages", regrets the host a few days for the launch of The heritage problem, short program broadcast on France 2 at 20:35. So "if all this is an announcement effect, I will leave, I do not want to be a cache misery", he emphasizes, referring to the "end of the year" to make his balance. "We will know whether the lotto legacy is a success, but what I want is for the French to give me reason, also against the government and some people in the ministries," he says.

Nyssen requires 326 million euros per year in heritage preservation. "The ministry manages 6,000 restoration work per year, to preserve our rich heritage of 44,000 historical monuments, it is not exactly what we can call misery," said François Nyssen. "To this unwavering commitment of the Ministry of Culture for the preservation of heritage has added the political will of the President of the Republic, my, of course, a will that results in the increase of the budget dedicated to these operations", she added. An increase of 5% "sanctuary for the duration of the quinquennium", or "326 million euros dedicated each year to the preservation" of an inheritance to diversity "unrivaled". "Stéphane Bern's fame and communicative passion are strengths to put this national cause in the spotlight on the preservation of our heritage," she added.

"I have nothing to do in the political sphere". Asked about BFMTV the moment he expressed himself, in a difficult start of the week for Emmanuel Macron with the resignation of Nicolas Hulot, Stéphane Bern replied that he was "not a politician" and had "nothing" to do in the political sphere " He also refused to "associate" with a "anti-heritage" policy, notably referring to the Elan Housing Act, which he said would "destroy very protected neighborhoods on the grounds that they are outdated and degraded" .

"If I see that I am not good, that I was just a puppet and that I am used, I will return to my work" while continuing the struggle for heritage, he added that he was already active in this field. "when President Macron was not born yet".

"If I am instrumentalized, I will leave". Stéphane Bern made similar statements in mid-August. "If I just have an excuse to do it right, because I'm a popular TV host (…) and if I'm simply instrumentalized by power, I'll leave the second one," he said at RMC.

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