Strasbourg: seven slightly injured in a fight

Strasbourg: seven slightly injured in a fight
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Seven people were slightly injured on Wednesday evening by a gun in the Neuhof district in Strasbourg, in a dispute between two families during an alcoholic party, we learned Thursday from the prefecture.

"There was a brawl between two families, an old rivalry that degenerated on the occasion of a drunken evening," AFP told the Bas-Rhin prefecture.

Around 8:00 am seven people were slightly injured by gunshots. Six of them were taken to the hospital without any life-threatening condition, and a seventh was treated on the spot.

The police, the departmental fire and rescue service of Bas-Rhin and the mobile emergency and resuscitation service have been on site.

"We have recovered weapons, they are hunting for weapons," AFP told the Departmental Public Security Directorate (DDSP) Bas-Rhin, explaining that the seizures would be the subject of an expertise.

The recordings have been exchanged on public roads. The events took place in a group of contiguous houses that are inhabited by seated travelers.

"They celebrated the patriarch's birthday according to our information, swear words were exchanged and it seems that one family has turned to another family," said the DDSP.

Six people were arrested, according to a source near the investigation and the police, who said they were between 40 and 60 years old.

Departmental security is responsible for the open research for urban violence, said the DDSP.

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