Street torment: Marie Laguerre, a test for the example

The man tried Thursday for attacking a young student on the street in the summer was sentenced to six months in prison.

"No one is more contemptuous of women than a man who worries about his masculinity." By citing Simone de Beauvoir as a prelude to her argument, Marie Laguerre's lawyer wanted to hear that the trial was being held on Thursday in the criminal court of Paris, the symbol of street charges. That of ambient "sexism" and "violence against women".

His target, the 25-year-old Firas M., warned in the headphones of curly brown hair, with a clear look and a long armoire, was tried for street violence, against Marie Laguerre, a 22-year-old student, last 24 July.

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And in order to carry out her project, the lawyer of the young woman with long brown hair, Me Noémie Sadi-Cottier, had two formidable weapons: a video of the aggression, filmed by surveillance cameras & # 39; s and looked closely 9 million times since Marie Laguerre placed it on Facebook – and the platform that has since been launched by the young woman, noustoutesharcè

Sexual sounds, an ashtray thrown, a violent blow

It must be said that the man in front of them often crushed the body against the wall of the box and the head between the hands, simplified their task, to re-focus the debate about sexism. This young Parisian, imprisoned since the resignation of his immediate appearance a month ago, did not stop interrupting and commenting on the statements of the president, the prosecutor and the young woman's lawyer during the hearing.

The first time that Marie Laguerre and her assailant met, it was July 24th. The student returns home shortly before 7 pm when she meets Firas M. for a bar on Boulevard de la Villette. Their versions resist the trigger of this aggression – it evokes sounds with a sexual connotation, only assures him that he "sang", then he would have "that the red was good".

The reaction of the young woman, who then created a & # 39; Ta-mug & # 39; satisfies and offends about his mother, and the rest of the story is a consensus. He grabs an ashtray, which he tries to throw at him, then misses his gesture, catches the passerby and saves him with violence. All for a dozen customers sitting on the terrace, some of whom are trying to intervene. Humiliated, Marie Laguerre flees the scene of aggression before she changes her mind and meets the boss of the bar. It is he who will entrust him with the video sequences that have become viral.

Sleep disorders, appetite, weight loss, anxiety

She files a complaint the next day. According to a doctor she suffers from "edema on the left upper eyelid and the left cheekbone and painful muscle contracture of the paracervical muscles". Sleep disorders, appetite, weight loss, anxiety … The president repeats the consequences this aggression had for the life of Marie Laguerre. "Since then I have seen a psychiatrist twice, it has helped me, but afterwards it was difficult to walk in the street, it is traumatic to be hit after I have answered", the young woman explains at the bar.

For her, Firas M. tries pitifully to justify his behavior: "There is nothing wrong, a man has already spoken to a woman on the street, as long as it is done with respect". And then: "Because insults can damage me, I have preferred to throw an ashtray". "We have not been bothered in the streets, we've blown things up, it's a record of a harrowing banality that hurts a lot of people," says his lawyer, Me Karima Tajin.

His client is a particularly angry, sometimes boring defender, whose reading of the profile somewhat complicates the role of street stalker, which we would like to give him. Moreover, Me Karima Tajin exclaimed: "I ask the court to ensure that it does not become the symbol of violence against women, it would be a suit that is far too big for him".

Hospitalized under compulsion in a psychiatric ward

The public prosecutor and her lawyer agree that Firas S., who turns away from the screen when the video of the attack is broadcast in the hall, is in denial. And especially with regard to his psychological state. The homeless man at the time of the incident was arrested on August 28, while for three weeks he was forcibly hospitalized at the psychiatric ward of the Bichat hospital. He has trouble explaining these 20 days of internment, sometimes being put in check, pointing to a "medical error".

The president is also very annoyed not to have the psychiatric expertise of the young man with him. She had made the request at his first appearance, but twice in one month he managed to avoid the expert.

The young man also has an unfortunate tendency to minimize his tantrums. When the magistrate reminded him that some incidents were reported after his acting assignments, and that a "sense of anxiety inspired the officials", "as soon as I have been dragged a little", Firas M. is reduced to a minimum.

However, this issue of violence is written in black and white in his criminal record. Since 2012 he has collected nine convictions, especially for "indignation", "rebellion", "aggravated pimples", "theft with violence", "extortion with violence", "kidnapping" … And often his goals are good sex woman.

Marie Laguerre "does not want revenge"

The lawyer of Marie Laguerre describes Firas M. as "someone who seems to have problems with women, he does not speak to a woman, does not beat her mother and is condemned for the purchase".

With a "violent and impulsive profile", the prosecutor adds: "He spoke with Marie Laguerre with obscene, sexist remarks, because of his quality of the woman". She also wants the suspect to "think about his place in society and that of women in society." It is true that the young detainee, who shudders when the court raises his mother, whom he can no longer approach since he met her in 2015, has never shown signs of repentance to aggression.

His victim, who wanted to publish his case to challenge society, does not want to see him behind bars. Marie Laguerre "does not want to take revenge on him, but wants him to understand that it is humbled," says his lawyer, who wants a "pedagogical sentence".

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But the court did not hear him like that. By slightly reducing the plaintiff's requisities, he decided to condemn Firas M. to 12 months in prison, half of which had been suspended. A sentence with many obligations, including that of healing and compensation Marie Laguerre, he has no right to contact. The young man will also have to take a "responsibility for preventing gender-based violence". Him, sexist? If he has the last word, he defends himself. "I have known girls in my own way, ask them if I am sexist, you would be very surprised!"

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