Suicide of two detainees, one in Nantes, the other in Angers

A prisoner in his sixties committed suicide in the detention center of Nantes. Another prisoner in his thirties hung himself in Angers prison.

Sixty-year-old prisoner committed suicide in the Nantes detention center on Friday, the prison administration said, confirming information from Presse Océan .

Another detainee in his thirties, locked up in the prison of Angers, was also hanged in his cell last Monday, the same source added. A chest massage exercised by a supervisor helped rebuild his heart. But transported to the hospital, the detainee eventually died on Wednesday evening.

At least 117 suicides were counted in 2017 in French prisons. Since January 1, 60 prisoners have committed suicide in French prisons, according to a census from the prison administration on July 23. A total of 117 suicides were counted in French prisons in 2017, a percentage of 14.6 per 10,000 prisoners.

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