Suspected jihadist who was released by mistake: "serious disorder"

The case went back to the Elysée. An alleged jihadist, who was in pre-trial detention prior to his scheduled trial in November, was released from prison in April after a mistake by an investigating judge, said Wednesday (August 22) the Ministry of Justice and confirmed information from the "Duck chained." "

This presumed jihadist, Oualid B., must be tried in Paris together with Reda Bekhaled and his brothers, suspected of being involved in a planned attack in 2014 in the metropolis of Lyon and in a channel of hunters in Syria.

Oualid B., since August 2016 in prison according to the satirical weekly, was released on April 3, after the investigating judge extended his pre-trial detention. He has since been in freedom, but under "very strict judicial control", according to the Ministry of Justice.

"Potentially serious consequences"

The case has "a very large impact internally", recognizes a source close to the file.

An inspection commissioned by the Minister of Justice Nicole Belloubet "is on the way" to "understand how an action with potentially serious consequences, given the heavy profile of the person concerned, may have occurred," says the chancellery. Alarmed by his minister, Emmanuel Macron was "in anger," says the palmiped.

The investigating judge was summoned by his superiors, who in vain asked him to leave his post. In doubt, the presidency of the court in Paris did not want to comment.

The magistrate has not yet been punished, according to a source close to the case.

In response to the case on Wednesday after the Cabinet meeting, government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux confirmed that the Keeper of the Seals had requested an internal investigation to "identify the reason for this serious failure" to "prevent this from happening again."

A propaganda film by Daesh

In May, Oualid B. was arrested again because he was outside the authorized area as part of his judicial review. According to "The Chained Duck" he drove without a license and his cell phone contains images of armed jihadists and a propaganda film from the Islamic State Organization.

Calculated in immediate appearance in Meaux, Seine-et-Marne, Oualid B. was released from court, while the prosecutor demanded ten months' imprisonment. The Prosecution has lodged an appeal and Oualid B. has to be tried on 13 September in Paris on appeal for these facts.

A total of 15 people are accused in these anti-terrorism cases, including a minor at the time of the events. They will be judged by the court of assizes of the minors from 12 to 30 November. Eight of those who left for Iraqi-Syrian territory, including three of the Bekhaled brothers, are under arrest.

"If there is a plan for an attack, the goal has never been clarified," a defense lawyer told AFP. "It was mentioned once that it is an annual meeting in Lyon du Crif [Conseil représentatif des institutions juives de France, NDLR]but nothing has ever come to support this suspicion, "he added.

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