the absent noted from the summer schools of France insubordinated

POLITICAL SCAN – French delegate Insoumise did not respond to the "AmFis" held in Marseilles this weekend. Which raises questions about his relationship with the rest of the melenchonist group.

Special ambassador for Marseille.

This time he will not be on the family photo. Unlike last year, François Ruffin said he would not be present at "AmFis", the disobedient French summer school (LFI) held in Marseille from Thursday 23 to Sunday 26 August. the figaro, the deputy of the Somme justifies his absence for "personal reasons". "He is on holiday with his children, the political year was busy", a member of France avoids defiant.

François Ruffin was well on the agenda of the rebellious campus. The organizers had offered to take part in round tables, including the concept of populism, which took place throughout the weekend. An absence all the more noticeable, like at the seventeen delegates of the LFI group in the Assembly, only three of them succeeded in their turn: Bénédicte Taurine, Jean-Hugues Ratenon, Muriel Ressiguier. Three elected representatives are far less known than François Ruffin.

Increases the questions about relations between Ruffin and the rest of the Rogue

"Are you sure he will not even have a head?" Ask a group of surprised retired activists this Friday at lunch. "It must have its reasons," a young man slides closer to the movement, three tables later. If he is not present, the chosen representative of the Somme is represented by the status of his newspaper: fakir. "He could not be here," wipes his colleagues.

This absence again raises questions about the relations between François Ruffin and the rest of the LFI group, starting with the leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon. During the demonstration of the "Fête à Macron", last show of the power of France Inaugurated on 7 May, the deputy of the Somme had refused to go in the coach of his fellow-deputies, also "footballers" to his liking.

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