The American tourist disappeared in Paris and found in Marseilles suffering from amnesia

A month ago an American tourist mysteriously disappeared
after a night spent at the Pompidou hospital on July 14 in Paris. after
a month of silence, Christopher Buluran appeared most in Marseille
great happiness of his family.

Large research activities have started
Find this 45-year-old man, missing after a brief hospitalization due to discomfort on the Champs-Elysees, just before the parade on 14 July. The man had
Volatilized without telephone and without money on the evening of his takeover.

But after a month of worrying for the family,
"Chris" appeared again 800 kilometers from Paris, on the other side of France: to
. In particular, his son explained to RTL that his father is
struck with partial amnesia .

When Christopher Buluran recognizes his family, he no longer knows what has happened in the last thirty days . "Every day we were looking for networks of missing people and when a doctor from La Timone in Marseille called us, we were very happy," said his son.

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