the building could not be used as housing

The building hit by a fire that caused seven serious injuries, including five children, Sunday in Aubervilliers in Seine-Saint-Denis, had "no permission" to serve as housing, said Mayor Meriem Derkaoui.

"It is a commercial lease." "As far as we know, there is no planning permission for housing as a dwelling" of this small building with a small supermarket on the ground floor and intended to serve only as a trading place, the mayor (PCF) said BFMTV. "For us it is a commercial lease", insisted the mayor of this popular municipality of more than 80,000 inhabitants north of Paris.

Several local residents told AFP Sunday that a family lived on the floor of this small building and looked like a house in the district of Marcreux, 400 meters from the town hall. When fire broke out around 7 pm, seven people were seriously injured, including a woman – with a living prognosis on Sunday evening – and five children.

Ten police officers injured. The mayor greeted the police, who arrived before the fire brigade, who "almost with bare hands" intervened to evacuate the residents. Ten of them were slightly injured, like six other people. Departmental security is responsible for investigating the circumstances of the incident.

This serious fire is the second in Aubervilliers in less than a month. On 30 July, a fire on the 17th floor of a public building in the municipality caused the death of a 33-year-old mother and her three children aged 18 months to 6 years. Nine people were injured.

The mayor wants to accentuate the fight against sleeping wholesalers. The sector where the fire took place on Sunday is concerned about the national program for the redevelopment of old degraded districts – these neighborhoods are often invested by owners who live for high prices and who ignore the safety rules of precarious populations.

"It is no longer acceptable to wait years and years to have financial means," condemned the elected communist, who "calls on the government" to accentuate the fight against these sleeping traders. Because the Ile-de-France department is most affected by unworthy housing (7.5% of the private park, with 40% peaks in the Paris area), the Seine-Saint-Denis has had its fight against the sleeping traders, several of whom have recently been sentenced to jail.

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