the building went up in smoke and could not serve as a home

Seven people, including five children, were seriously injured in the fire of this building, where ten people lived, but only had a commercial lease.

The intervention of the firefighters lasted part of the night, Sunday 19 August.

A fire in an apartment building seriously injured seven people, including five children, in Aubervilliers (Seine-Saint-Denis) on Sunday 19 August. This two-storey building with a tile roof, located on the corner of the rue du Landy and the rue Heurtault, not far from the town hall, did not have permission to serve as accommodation, according to the mayor of the municipality, Meriem Derkaoui (PCF) . "It is necessary to ask the question in which circumstances this home was occupiedshe said Monday morning. There is, as far as we know, no permit for habitation as a home. This is a company. "

On the ground floor there is a mini market owned by a family of Indian origin. On the floor, supposed to serve as storage space, in fact a part of the boss's family lived. "All people who have been evacuated are from his family"says Lino Ferreira, city councilor in the mayor's office, who explains that "The only access to the floor is through the interior of the store, hence the difficulty for the firefighters who had to get the people outside because the iron curtain was lowered at the time of the fire."

Bunk beds

We are therefore in the presence, Mr Ferreira continues "Someone who has had a commercial lease and who has removed another way of that lease in the course of time", without it being known whether a possible rent has been paid, or that the residents of this precarious and tight place – about 30 square meters, bunk beds – are accommodated for free.

The supermarket above which the fire broke out, Sunday 19 August.

The fire, whose origin was not yet known twenty-four hours later, was declared around 7 o'clock, under the eaves and required the intervention of a hundred firefighters, in this popular town of Seine-Saint-Denis, bordering Paris. The firefighters, assisted by about forty trucks, managed to keep the flames under control at 7:30 PM and around 9:00 PM to fully describe the disaster.

Fifteen people, including ten members of the police, were somewhat affected, in addition to the seven seriously injured, who were still admitted the day after. Among them is a woman in her sixties, who had a heart attack and whose life, according to the Paris fire brigade, was prognostically committed Sunday night, as well as a 3 month old child and another 6 months, according to a supermarket employee.

The mayor blames the government

This serious fire is the second in Aubervilliers in less than a month. On July 26 a 33-year-old pregnant mother and her three children aged 18 months to 6 years died in a fire on the seventeenth floor of a public house. Nine people were injured.

After the fire of 26 July,

a child of ten years in research

The sector where the fire took place on Sunday is concerned about the national program for reclassification of the old, degraded neighborhoods – these neighborhoods are often invested by owners who live at a high price and who ignore the safety rules of the precarious population groups. Department of the Ile-de-France which is most affected by unworthy housing (7.5% of the private park, with peaks of 40% near Paris), the Seine-Saint-Denis last year its fight against maleficent owners have intensified, including several have recently been sentenced to prison.

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The sleeping traders, sad face of the bad housing

If this is not the sadly classic case of an unhealthy home of a "sleeper", the fire of the rue du Landy gave the mayor the opportunity to call Aubervilliers to summon the action of the congregation "Against unworthy housing, to enable the restoration of old damaged buildings, to organize an action plan against sleeping traders". An action she believes today "Delayed by government decisions"as "That of reducing the funding allocated to urban renewal".

"In a city like ours, which has 75% of private homes, 42% of which may be unworthy, it is urgent to allocate the necessary funds, continues with Mme Derkaoui, and to support us in the implementation of concrete actions, such as the rental permit, a device to supervise the owners of the rental conditions of their property. For these reasons, the municipality of the state demands a real investment. "

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