the bus driver gets a day off

The bus driver who struck a schoolboy in Arcueil, Val-de-Marne on 13 September, was sentenced to one day's dismissal according to RTL reports. The employee had succeeded on Wednesday for the disciplinary board of the company.

The driver regretted his gesture. "The scale of the punishment" takes "into account the context" and the fact that the director has "regretted", the RATP indicates with the Parisian. "We are glad that it did not go as far as the revocation", the delegate from the bus department at SUD RATP responded in the same newspaper.

On September 13, in a scene filmed and broadcast on social networks, the bus driver stepped off his vehicle to hit a teenager. He had explained to his superiors that the boy had "dangerous roadside" and forced the bus to strike to avoid the impact. According to him, the young man had replied to his reproaches with insults. RATP firmly condemned the gesture of his employee

The success of a petition of support. But a petition of support to the bus driver had gathered more than 300,000 signatures, and was supported in particular by Valérie Pécresse, President LR of the Ile-de-France Region, who had called upon the disciplinary council to "indulge".

The petition indicated that the boy had said to the driver: "shut up and drive your bus". The authors of the text also defended a colleague "recognized for his kindness, his calm Olympian and his patience". The driver, she explained, "the schoolboy called for the first time, counteracting him as any other parent would have done".

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