the bus driver has died in a parking lot

Saint-Pierre-des-Corps, France

A man, married and father of the family, was taken by two people on Saturday evening around 6.30 pm for a trivial story about the parking lot in the parking lot of the Atlantes in Saint-Pierre-des-Corps.

A very regrettable matter, only for a story about parking space – The prosecutor of the Republic of Tours

The man was severely beaten with different punches, according to several witnesses, and died in the hospital due to his injuries. The two perpetrators of the deadly blows were arrested.

The victim is a bus driver from Fil Bleu. "He has been working with us since 2011", says the company.All employees are shockedHe was mistreated on his own time and was 43 years old.

They fought against him – a witness

A witness of the scene, speaks a burst of violence. We heard shouts, especially the children of the victim. Some people tried to intervene, but the four men were strong and did not stop. They fought against him, even on the ground. I can still hear the screams from the children. I do not sleep anymore. It was awful. And all that only for a parking space. Security came 1 minute after, but it was too late.

The District Attorney, Jean-Luc Beck, held a press conference on Monday afternoon in the presence of the Commissioner of Tours, Jean-François Gruselle. They said the two perpetrators of the deadly blows were arrested. They will be presented to an investigating judge for deadly blows at the meeting. The Prosecution will ask for their detention. Judicial information has been opened. According to the prosecutor, At the beginning of this affair there is a young woman who is in a place she reserves for members of her family. But the place is taken by the victim and suddenly a black Mercedes, with aboard the perpetrators, is placed just behind the vehicle. A fight breaks out. Very violent with punches and kicks. The victim has been left unconscious. In the coma. She died of a brain haemorrhage. The two parties obviously did not know each other.

The perpetrators of 21 and 24 do not really explain their actions

The Public Prosecutor of the Republic of Tours explains that the perpetrators are 21 and 24 years old. They do not understand the death of the victim. She was aware of this when she left the parking lot. Individuals pretend it is not serious. These are two brothers. Commissioner Gruselle explained thata first person was arrested on the night from Saturday to Sunday and the other Sunday. _There are no third or fourth persons in this case, as some comments suggest on social networks__, _ explains the commissioner. There is no reason to encourage private justice. The police services were very fast and challenged the two people involved in this tragedy.

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