the debate must be taken before 15 September

, 1 September 2018, amended
September 1, 2018

Do we have to postpone the withholding tax, which should take effect in five months? The question was unthinkable a week ago. It will be asked on Tuesday morning during an appointment at the Elysee between Emmanuel Macron and Gerald Darmanin. The Minister for Action and Public Accounts canceled a trip to Disneyland Paris for this occasion. The debate must be decided before 15 September anyway. Then it will be "technically too late to come back", says a senior source at Bercy.

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Darmanin has invested a great deal in the project

The head of state and his minister usually meet every two months to discuss this problem. Macron has never succeeded in bombing Darmanin with sometimes very technical questions. But Tuesday's meeting came at the end of a week when the executive seemed to postpone: the prime minister, Édouard Philippe, seemed to open the door, in the JDD, postponement of the project; thereafter The chained duck said that the Elysee, publicly, doubted to everyone's surprise. A thunderbolt and an anesthetic in Bercy. For Darmanin, presidential hesitation sounds like a denial, while he has worked for months to reassure the French and at the same time clears up the potential bugs: privacy, private employers or tailor-made solutions for smaller companies. For three years about 200 million euros has been spent preparing this reform. In August Darmanin started the countdown by writing all taxpayers, with the blessing of the Elysee, before starting a communication campaign that cost 10 million euros …

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Insiders insure it: if there is a bug, it is not technical but political. "The difficulty does not come from the general management of public finances," says Olivier Vadebout, Secretary General of CGT Public Finance. MP Cendra Motin, who is in charge of the National Assembly's financial committee to discover the blind spots of the new system, said: "79 million test lines have been recorded by the tax authorities, there is no reason why things are not going well." In fact, 13 polls commissioned by the executive power in the past year have shown that the French were in favor of reforms. On the other hand, "a postponement would be catastrophic for the image of the state and for Macron: that would mean that it would be ready to refuse reform," underlined a councilor.


We can not afford to miss a reform of this nature


Which fly has Macron stung? In the Élysée the precautionary principle is promoted: "It is so important that the president prefers to ensure that his teams have no doubt, so he asks, asks again and asks them to be ready." "We can not afford to miss a reform of this nature," said Gilles Le Gendre, spokesman for the LREM group, "it's as if we missed the introduction of the euro!" "What happens on the payroll is our battle of the year, confirms the deputy LREM Stanislas Guerini, and we saw that the increase in purchasing power was not entirely noticeable at the start of 2018." The attention to detail was reinforced by the many reports that head of state in the summer, from economic circles who were hostile to reforms or elected officials who worried about its impact.

"Macron & # 39; s doubt is Cartesian, he asks a lot of questions, but the application of the reform has never been questioned," said an informed source. "If it went live, it comes through the Duck chained", says a good friend of Darmanin, who seems jealous towards a preacher jealous." The arrow was aimed at Darmanin, but he reached the president and gave a technical questioning the appearance of a political hesitation, "sighs a minister, the opposition, it has crept into the breach to claim a postponement of reform at a time that the Elysee did not have to open a new front.

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