The end of the CRS on the beaches? Worries about the French coastline

The end of the CRS on the beaches? Worries about the French coastline

Does CRS Lifeguard Lifeguards not supervise the beach in the summer? It is the fear of elected officials from the coast, because the Ministry of the Interior was of the opinion that the CRS should concentrate on their sovereign missions.

Recognizable by their T-shirt with the inscription "National Police Lifeguard" and the "CRS" logo, 297 of these were hit in 62 municipalities this year. In 2002 there were 722 in 126 municipalities to guard 152 km of coastline.

Since 2016 and the jihadist attacks that have hit France, Lifeguard Masters (MNS) are equipped with a waterproof bag with an automatic pistol to respond to the terrorist threat.

If the number of CRSs assigned to beach monitoring is stable for three years "according to Beauvau, statements from the Ministry of the Interior caused problems in the heart of the summer.

"If lifeguards from the Republican security companies (CRS) historically participate in this device, this is not a mission of the CRS, since the swimming police are not under the sovereign missions of the State or its legal obligations," wrote the ministry in a written July response to two MPs.

"New developments should in principle not be excluded to allow law enforcement to focus on their missions, especially in the summer," he added.

The end of this mission would "be a considerable loss for the safety of our fellow citizens and foreign tourists on our beaches, because they monitor swimming, prevent insecurity and fight against the terrorist threat that also exists on the beaches", responds with AFP Daniel Fasquelle, MP LR from Pas-de-Calais and councilor from Touquet.

"The safety of French citizens, in the city or on the beach, is the responsibility of the state, not the municipalities," he says.

"Increased inability"

On the coast of Dunkirk, the decline in the number of CRS in recent years has forced the municipalities to adjust, said Frédéric Vanhille, chairman of the intermunicipal association of the Dunes of Flanders.

This union pays young volunteers training in the national patent for safety and salvation, and also for nautical driving. He hires 78 supervisors and lifeguards every summer.

"Of course there is the financial problem, but it is mainly human, there are young students with enormous responsibility who weighs on their shoulders," judges Mr. Vanhille.

In a 2012 report, the Court noted that "" over the years the MNS CRS has become a power to which some municipalities have become accustomed to counting "while the emphasis is on the" doubtful participation of the CRS in a complex device ".

"The Court has a financial analysis of the situation and cuts the government," says Mayor Modem of Lacanau (Gironde), Laurent Peyrondet, member of the Steering Committee of the National Association of Electoral Lectoral Officers (ANEL).

"But it is in no way entitled to comment on the activity of the CRS, whose first mission is to save drowners, but also to exercise police authority on the beach," argues the elected.

"We have not had CRS on the beach since 2016. This has taken us out of safety, it is unmistakable: when young people came from the hotspots of the surrounding cities to the beach, they were afraid of the CRS, the re-emergence of excesses", assures the mayor of Larmor-Plage (Morbihan), Victor Tonnerre.

The same problem for the mayor of Ouistreham (Calvados). "Innocents and misconduct are no longer on the beach because I do not have the means to guarantee a permanent police presence, which results in a decrease in police statistics, but the beaches are not safe for everyone", says .

For Christian Plantier, mayor (without label) of Mimizan, small seaside resort of the Landes, the question of the disappearance of the CRS on the beaches "no longer".

In the last two years he has used private rescuers and lifeguards who have been paid by the municipality. In the case of a public security issue: "they have permanent contact with the municipal police who can intervene at any time," said the chosen one.

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