the funeral of Arthur Noyer will take place in September

The funeral of Arthur Noyer takes place Friday, September 7, at 2.30 pm, in the Bourges Cathedral, reports France Blue Berry. The justice handed down to the family a permission for funeral at the end of July. The ceremony will be accessible to everyone.

"People who want to pay tribute to Arthur can come," said Cécile Noyer, the young man's mother France Blue. "As Didier said (the father), Arthur is not ours, he had many friendsit was appreciated by many people, we can not exclude them from this ceremony ".

Arthur Noyer was corporal at the 13th Battalion of Alpine fighters Chambéry. His colleagues are going to the funeral. The soldier had disappeared in the Savoie in April 2017. His skull was found last September.

Nordahl Lelandais confessed that he had "succeeded"

In this case, Nordahl Lelandais has not professed a block. He began by admitting that he had fasted the soldier on the night of his disappearance, and still denied involvement with his death. Then, at the end of March 2018, taken to the placing the bones of his victim, he confesses to have killed him.

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