The Gendarmerie of Seine-Maritime is calling 7 smugglers on a section of the A28 motorway

Cherbourg, Caen-Ouistreham, Le Havre, Dieppe: these harbors from where ferries to Great Britain leave in recent weeks, from new entry points for migrant smugglers who try to reach the English soil.

Thus the presence of migrants upstream of these ports has been reported, on the north-eastern border of Normandy, on the highway from the Hauts-de-France: the A28.

Smugglers try to control illegal aliens against large sums of money in trucks to England. A merry-go-round spotted by the gendarmes of Seine-Maritime "lately there has been an increased presence of irregular immigration networks in the rest and service areas along the A28"

The GIGN in reinforcement

In an attempt to prevent this trafficking in human beings and to hinder the action of these smugglers, the gendarmerie took action last Thursday (on the night of 23 to 24 August 2018). a major operation that mobilized about sixty soldiers.

Following surveillance and observation missions, specialized intervention units, including GIGN, intervened along the A28 motorway, in the parking area of ​​the rest room of the Bosc-Mesnil petrol station (Seine Maritime).

As mentioned in Squadron Leader Benoît Tilliez, duty officer in the gendarmerie region of Normandy, this night action was successful:

The departmental gendarmerie group Seine-Maritime caused a major operation that made the arrest of 7 of these alleged smugglers possible. Passers-by who, under the eyes of the gendarmes, had just disregarded 18 migrants in trucks that had been parked at this service area during the night.

Evaluated next Tuesday

While the investigation is still in progress this Saturday, the file of the 7 smugglers was sent to the Dieppe office.

Approached this afternoon by the editors of France 3 Normandie, the public prosecutor of Dieppe said that of the 7 people who were arrested by the gendarmes and taken into custody, only two were presented to a magistrate. Their placement in pre-trial detention was requested from the judge of freedoms. These two alleged smugglers must be tried immediately next Tuesday at the court of Dieppe for "help with the arrival and stay of foreigners in an irregular situation ".

The fine for this type of event is 5 years.

The other five alleged smugglers are not being prosecuted for lack of sufficient evidence.

The 18 unlawful persons who were arrested were placed in the administrative detention center of Oissel near Rouen.

Two months ago two other smugglers stopped on the same A28 motorway in Bosc-Mesnil. Recidivists, they had been sentenced to 4 years in prison.

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