The government is back, with the bar on the left as expected?

POLITICS – It is back (or almost). On holiday for two weeks, Emmanuel Macron and the government will meet on Wednesday, August 22, for a Council of Ministers that is supposed to mark the starting point of a new year, that the majority plan to go at the same hectic rate as the previous one.

While the summer period was not easy for the executive, first and foremost because of the Benalla affair, the President of the Republic is counting on various emblematic reforms to launch a new beginning. In the forefront we find the famous & # 39; poverty plan & # 39; to fight against social determinism & # 39 ;. Expecting high, it is supposed to symbolize the left bar that many – including within the majority and close relatives of the president – wish for their wishes.

The opportunity for Emmanuel Macron to launch a new dynamic after the quakes of the Benalla affair and while the accusations against his right arm on the Élysée, Alexis Kohler, constitute the threat of a new "affair".

A summer more complicated than expected [19659005] Because as the executive gamble on the summer to extinguish the controversy surrounding the former employee of the Elysee, it was without counting on the revelations of Mediapart ] about Alexis Kohler. The research site has published documents proving that the Secretary-General of the Elysee as a high-level official has approved contracts concerning the owner MSC, established and managed by his mother's cousins. A conflict of interest that Alexis Kohler had always defended.

Leave the advantage of the victory of the team of France in the Russian world, the President of the Republic lived a summer that was much more complicated than expected, which translated into opinion. A Yougov poll conducted for The HuffPost on August 2, also showed the popularity of Emmanuel Macron on the lowest with 27% positive assessment of his action. Emmanuel Macron could not benefit from a period that was generally conducive to the goodwill of the French. Even Francois Hollande, although record holder of unpopularity for a head of state, had benefited from a little respite at these moments.

According to Frédéric Dabi, if the affair of Benalla had "a real impact", "There is no rupture of opinion" however. The popularity of the president of the republic actually begins to falter before the revelations of World about his adviser, but after a few hikings from the government and other polemic statements. The French's strong criticism mainly concerns the various surveys, the economic and social issues, the deputy director of Ifop.

It is precisely at the social level that the return of the executive announces particularly heavy

The poverty plan presented in mid-September

High expectation after the chastisement of the postponement in July, the poverty plan will be presented mid-September. Announced by the president in October 2017, it must include a series of measures to "break the determinism of poverty" affecting about 14% of the population, including nearly one in five children.

The program: computerization of the payment of social benefits, the future obligation of access to the reception methods (crèches, crèches …) from birth to 3 years, but also the free breakfast "in certain areas" to primary and / or college. Measures that can not be reduced to "adaptation" or "sprinkling" to believe the President of the Republic.

Emmanuel Macron knows, the executive power is expected at the alternation. Initially planned in June and July, the presentation of this plan was postponed due to the good career of the Blues in World Cup and the journey of the President of the Republic in Russia. Amazing reasons that had aroused the misunderstanding and anger of the opposition, but also of professionals. "A very bad signal", for example, estimated the president of the Social Samu of Paris Éric Pliez, deaf to the arguments of the Élysée who called for arbitrations that were still pending.

Unemployment insurance and health system in sight [19659005] Faced with the label of "president of the rich & # 39; that definitely puts him on the skin, Emmanuel Macron has this season the opportunity to begin the first social turnaround of his five years – which he had outlined during the presentation of the "zero charge rest" in June. Apart from the poverty plan, the executive will also benefit from the return of holidays to focus on vocational training, apprenticeship or the health system.

The president of the republic, who together received the union leaders and employers on July 17 at the Elysee, found separately from the end of August to renegotiate the rules of unemployment insurance. The executive wants the trade unions and employers who manage the scheme to introduce a bonus-malus on employer's contributions to punish companies that abuse short-term contracts. Faced with the reluctance of employers, the Ministry of Labor said it was ready to implement this bonus-malus.

Another topical issue, that of the transformation of the health system, expected for spring and then postponed to fall, making it possible to give answers to the discomfort of health care providers and the chronic shortage of hospitals. But also the reform of the civil service, for which the consultation should be resumed in September for the drafting of a bill in the first half of 2019. And perhaps even more sensitive: the pension reform promised for 2019.

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