"The government is the problem, not the solution", for NGOs

"Are you serious there?" Behind the scenes of the resignation of Nicolas Hulot on France Inter

To everyone's surprise, the Minister of Ecological and Solidarity Transition announced his resignation on the public radio on Tuesday morning. Back on the screens of this room.

Nicolas Hulot said from the beginning of August "to be permanently in a dilemma"

The newspaper release publishes on Tuesday comments made by Nicolas Hulot at the beginning of August. The former minister of ecological transition and solidarity was on holiday in Brittany and reported his difficulties to promote his convictions within the government. It refers in particular to a "Fucking dilemma" regarding his decision to leave or not to leave his position as minister.

I am constantly in this dilemma and sometimes I do not sleep at night. Recently, when Edouard Philippe defended the government's record during the motion of censure, he had no word about ecology. If I leave, there will be 3 more EPR in the coming years.

When I arrived, Macron and Philippe said to me: "We enter into a spirit of cooperation. & # 39; And there we are constantly in confrontation. When I leave, I will say things … And fifteen days later we will have forgotten, we will be moved to something else. And it will mean a form of defeat for me and for ecology.

It makes me angry, they still do not understand the point. The problem is the model. It reminds me of Bossuet's sentence: "We are sad by the effects, but continue to worship the causes.

When I receive things, I must avoid getting stuck. They gave me Article 1 of the constitution, the offshore wind turbines, so that I will not get bored. The problem is that they have to do it out of conviction.

Reaction from the former Minister for the Environment, Ségolène Royal

Ségolène Royal, who was Minister of the Environment during the five-year term of François Hollande (2014-2017), responded to the resignation of his successor on his Twitter account.

Response from the Elysée, op world, about the dismissal of Nicolas Hulot

Asked by The world, Emmanuel Macron's inference emphasizes that "Nicolas Hulot remains a minister who has contributed enormously". "It is thanks to him that we have the best ecological report from the governments of the Fifth Republic", says someone at the Elysée, where the decisions taken about the closure of the glyphosate within three years, the distance from the Notre-Dame-des-Landes airport project, the end of the hydrocarbon extraction in France, the announced closure of coal-fired plants and Fessenheim plants, the promotion of organic food in canteens, etc.

"The departure of Nicolas Hulot is perhaps the price that must be paid to have civil society ministers in the government, we also notice on the Elysee. This shows that minister can be a frustrating task and brings heavy personal sacrifices. " Mr. Hulot warned Mr. Macron not before his departure, confirms an adviser to the head of state. Regarding the allegations made by Mr Hulot about the alleged permeability of the executive power for the lobby, the Elysée acknowledges that "The government receives interest representatives, listens to them but makes decisions based on the general interest". "Moreover, the majority will continue under the impulse of Nicolas Hulot and our balance will ultimately lead to a regret of his decision", complete the presidency.

Politically speaking, Mr Macron's environment indicates that nothing has been decided, but that the name of Mr Hulot's replacement will not be given today. Another source indicates that the rule is that a realignment is not announced when the president of the republic is abroad. However, Mr Macron starts Tuesday morning with a three-day trip to Denmark and Finland. The head of state returns to France at the end of the day on Thursday.

Response from the Elysee to the resignation of Nicolas Hulot

For the Elysee, Nicolas Hulot can be "Proud of his record" at the head of the transition of the Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity. "The determination of the government remains total" for the environment, the presidency of the republic continues in a statement that also states that there will be "a reshuffle, but not immediately".

On Tuesday morning there are many reactions from representatives of environmental NGOs:

Allain Bougrain-Dubourg, chairman of the League of Birds Protection (LPO), to AFP:

I am not surprised, to be honest, we spoke yesterday. This morning we feel that we are a bit of an orphan. Or the president hears the message of Nicolas Hulot, or he continues to exist, and this is very disturbing. Nothing has changed in forty years and the book is written by Robert Poujade [premier ministre de l’environnement en France] what & # 39; The Ministry of Impossible & # 39; was named. The loop is complete …

Florent Compain, President of Friends of the Earth :

Resignation of Nicolas Hulot! After a summer that gave us a taste of what awaits us. We agree on the finding. Faced with the greatest danger that man has ever known, the government of Emmanuel Macron and Edouard Philippe is the problem and not the solution.

Jean-François Julliard, Managing Director of Greenpeace France:

What a mess! He will have tried, but could never impose himself in a government for which the ecology is only a varnish. While the summer has shown the extent of climate disruption, the government has no choice: with or without Hulot it has to make ecology a priority.

Audrey Pulvar, chairman of the Foundation for Nature and Human (FNH, former Nicolas Hulot Foundation):

Dominique Bourg, vice president of the FNH and close to Nicolas Hulot:

Thierry Coste, the lobbyist of the hunters with Emmanuel Macron

His presence at a meeting during the Monday night hunt irritated Nicolas Hulot and is one of the reasons for his resignation from the Ministry of Ecological Transition and Solidarity. But who is Thierry Coste? You can find his portrait published a few months ago.

Thomas Legrand, political editor of France inter, returns behind the scenes of Nicolas Hulot's announcement

The editor returned to BFM-TV at the moment that Nicolas Hulot made his decision to announce his resignation. "We invited him last night and he agreed.This morning we had a coffee with him, with Léa Salamé [journaliste de France inter]he explains. He was angry, we understood that he wanted to scream. "

He told us about the meeting last night on the yacht where he was surprised to see Thierry Coste, a lobbyist of hunting and weapons. He had warned Emmanuel Macron: "I do not want to see a lobbyist at this kind of meeting." And when he saw that he was furious. He immediately spoke to Macron, who said to him, "I do not know how that gentleman came back." There he felt that he did not care about him.

He had decided to step down and announce it in a while, just to make this moment of political influence fruitful. But when he returned to the studio, he clearly changed his mind. His employees have failed. At the exit of the studio he told me that he had decided to announce it immediately. During the interview we felt that he came to the end of his contradictions. (…) We had a moment of political truth.

Sarkozy: "Hulot or not", immigration, "it's more important"

"Whether there is Mr. Hulot or not, the issue of immigration is central, whether there is Mr. Hulot or not, the issue of the amount of taxes we pay is central: the question" are the English Europeans or not, "it is central "said former former leader of the Republicans France (former UMP), who responded to the resignation of Nicolas Hulot from the government.

"It's his choice, when I talk about the crisis we've known and come back, it's much more important to me, when talking about immigration, it's so much more important"added the former Head of State (2007-2012), who referred to the financial crisis of 2008.

"Political life in its daily ups and downs is not my domain", according to Nicolas Sarkozy.

"In all governments there are people who resign, there are people who give up, there are people who do not agree, I knew that myself"the former president said again.

Hello PL,

During the 9-hour edition of the France Inter-newspaper, the political columnist from the Thomas Legrand station commented from Nicolas Hulot, who told him: "It is by listening to the questions [de Nicolas Demorand et Léa Salamé] that he made his decision."

Earlier in the show, Léa Salamé asked Nicolas Hulot when this decision was made. "Yesterday evening"replied Mr. Hulot, referring to the meeting on reform of the hunt, held on Monday at the Elysee. He also explained that none of his family members knew about it.

It is therefore more likely that the choice to announce his resignation from France Inter was made at the last moment by Nicolas Hulot, more than that to leave the government.

Response of François-Michel Lambert, deputy ecologist of the Republic in March, op world :

For François-Michel Lambert, Green MP for the majority party, "Nicolas Hulot symbolically immolates herself to move the conscience, and I am already saddening that the deputies who are moving the Republic and the government are criticizing it forcibly."

I thought he would resign sooner, but Nicolas believes in the man and wants to give Emmanuel Macron a chance. He went to the end and it is a secondary arbitrage, hunting, which leads him to say that he will not succeed. He has extraordinary courage, touches in a whirlwind …

Not for him, but to say that we have to do it [quelque chose] now to let something exist in fifty years. Nicolas Hulot addresses the government, our majority in which it is difficult to talk about ecological transition, but also to EELV, for whom no alliance is possible. The President of the Republic, the Prime Minister must understand with this gesture that we must completely reconsider their approach to the government and place the ecological transition at the heart of everything.

Comment from Jean-Luc Bennahmias, former MEP and author of the book The paradoxes of Mr. Hulot

"I did not think Nicolas Hulot would resign now", said Mr. Bennahmias world. His book The paradoxes of Mr. Hulot (L & # 39; Archipelago editions), in which he makes a very difficult report of the action of Mr. Hulot in the government, which was released on Tuesday, August 28th.

But we have often been mistaken with him. In the government he has experienced an accumulation of retreats, failures, with ultimately a very bad reputation. Nothing could tip the scale and nothing was the hunters' question. The impact of his dismissal is terrible. Nicolas Hulot makes it clear that the ecological transition is impossible with this government. I wish good luck to the person who will follow his succession …

Comment from Nicolas Bay, MEP of the National Gathering (former National Front), op world :

This dismissal marks a further weakening of Macron. On leaving the government, Hulot shows that Macron's environmental problems were only an attitude, because it is first subject to lobbying and financials and permeated by globalist logic, which is fundamentally anti-ecological.

Comment from Sébastien Chenu, RN deputy north, op world :

It was the only logical act for Nicolas Hulot who refuses to play green plants as he has done for a year. His resignation unmasks a government at the hands of the lobby. When we condemn it, we are told "that you exaggerate". Here is the Nicolas Hulot who says it with much sincerity! This finally illustrates the policy of the president of the republic who makes shots com without results at the end.

Comment from Richard Ferrand, leader of LRM MPs, op world :

We did a lot with Nicolas Hulot. I deeply respect his personality as his personal decision. We will continue to act for the ecological and solidarity transition with energy and determination.

Response from Laurent Berger, Secretary General of the CFDT, op world:

The ecological and ecological challenge strikes us every day. The policy is not in order. Nicolas Hulot has tried it, but he is in accordance with his obligations to leave.

"Nicolas Hulot did not keep denying himself"

In a forum world, the geographer Sylvie Brunel estimated at the beginning of July that Nicolas Hulot, in his action in the government, clashed with the principle of reality. "Every time he was outraged by the ecological situation, the two executives reminded him personally"she explains.

Comment from Boris Vallaud, Socialist Member of Parliament world :

For the socialist deputy of the Landes, "There is dignity and courage in the decision of Nicolas Hulot but also a form of tragic clarity: the environmental problem is in second place for this government.

Like many French people, I am a bit sad this morning. Let's remember one thing, we are all called for emergency situations in the climate.

Comment from Eric Coquerel, MP for La France unsubstantiated, op world :

"I welcome the departure of Nicolas Hulot, it is primarily a dismissal sanction", responded to the world Eric Coquerel, Member of Parliament for France, unmarried.

"His words are an unrelenting critique of the government's policy, which is not looking for a way out of the ecological crisis, admits to the lobby & # 39; s … and is not adequate for the environmental and climate situation. do this for a long time, which is beneficial for the cause of the environment: it is a warning signal. "

"It is a terrible punishment for the government of Emmanuel Macron, he continued. He went into the summer with the Benalla affair, he came out … I do not know what will leave him. " For Mr Coquerel, the fact that the Minister of Ecological and Solidarity Transition leaves the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister without warning "A first. He must be exhausted. He was seen at the Assembly at certain times.

Comment from Pascal Pavageau, Secretary General of Force Ouvrière, op world :

What is interesting in his decision is that he motivates her. It has long been said that the system is in crisis because it is involved.

Since one year, the entire policy of the government to which Hulot belonged has gone in one direction: ultraliberalism and an individualisation logic in which everything can survive. But what we say socially is also true from the point of view of the environment.

The moment when Nicolas Hulot announces his resignation

To everyone's surprise, and while Emmanuel Macron and Edouard Philippe were not warned, Nicolas Hulot announced his resignation at the Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition on Tuesday morning in France. Find the video of the moment when he announces his decision.

Reaction from Joel Giraud, MP LRM and general rapporteur of the Finance Committee, op world :

For the deputy of La République and marche, "It feels like a decision under the influence of emotion and if you are a pastor, you have to keep your head cool and concentrate on the main goals of government policy that you carry". "Environmental policy issues are too important to enjoy this kind of resignation grilling", he regretted the world.

Reaction of Valérie Rabault, president of the Nouvelle Gauche group at the National Assembly, world :

For Socialist MP Valérie Rabault, "The government loses its largest supplier of taxes"after the resignation of Nicolas Hulot:

"The taxes of Hulot are those that are mainly responsible for the decrease of the purchasing power of the French for a household (2 adults + 2 children) that is heated by domestic fuel and has a car (20 full with 50 liters per year)) , the help tax increase costs 150 euros more in 2018 and costs 676 euros more in 2022 (this was voted in the financial account of 2018). "

"Hulot could not focus the revenues of these taxes on ecological transition (these taxes fall into the state budget to compensate for the deficit linked to the elimination of the ISF between others)"she regrets.

The former Minister of Ecological and Solidarity Transition, recalling his failures at the microphone of France Inter, summoned "This impossible comparison of the Maastricht criteria at budget level". But for Mrs Rabault, "This inability to achieve this has nothing to do with Maastricht, it only comes from the weakness of the political weight within the government.

First political reactions on the left

The head of the EELV list for the European elections, Yannick Jadot, spoke this morning on the LCI channel:

"Macron & # 39; s voice on ecology was EDF and Stéphane Travert [ministre de l’agriculture], the departure of Nicolas Hulot is the result of the lack of ecological policy of this government. Nicolas Hulot tried to convince but was not heard, he refuses to serve as a guarantor and he is right. "

On TwitterBenoît Hamon, leader of Generation. s, believes that "The resignation of Nicolas Hulot is a call to awaken the global conscience to enable the transformation of our development model: changing our production methods and consumption, our relationship to work and our relationship to life is the ecological transition.

A dismissal is often mentioned

Faced with the apparent political compromises that Nicolas Hulot has admitted since his appointment in May 2017, in particular on the question of the end of the production of hydrocarbons in France or the progressive ban on the use of glyphosate in agriculture, the possibility of dismissal has been implied on many occasions.

At the time of his announcement, during the morning of France Inter, Nicolas Hulot remembered his own "Admiration" for Emmanuel Macron and Edouard Philippe, while they are one "Radically different reading grid" on ecological transition issues which would have caused his dismissal.

Hello Prad34,

"It will seem anecdotal"said Nicolas Hulot to qualify the meeting at the Elysee on the reform of the hunt, Monday evening, which would have contributed to his decision to leave the government.

"But for me it was symptomatic"added the former minister. The presence of Thierry Coste at this meeting, which Mr Hulot described this morning as "Lobbyist" caused the misunderstanding of the minister, who explained it to him "to have clearly indicated that he had no place" in addition to the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister at this meeting.

"It does not work like it should work"said Nicolas Hulot "a problem of democracy" regarding the presence of lobbyists in the "circles of power".

In the neighborhood of the national hunter federation, Thierry Coste regularly advises Emmanuel Macron on cygenetic issues, and more generally on issues of the countryside. He was also in 2007 in the neighborhood of Nicolas Sarkozy, and François Hollande in 2012.

Benjamin Griveaux regrets the lack of "politeness"

The political reactions were not long in the announcement of the departure of Nicolas Hulot.

Government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux regretted BFM-TV "His way of thinking, I think the most elementary courtesy would have been to warn the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister." Nicolas Hulot explained that he had not warned the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister about his decision.

For his part, the Republican president, Laurent Wauquiez, "Can understand" Nicolas Hulot "Feels betrayed" by Emmanuel Macron. "Nicolas Hulot, I do not necessarily share his opinion, but I can understand that he feels like today a lot of French betrayed by strong promises made, and the feeling on arrival that it is not very obligatory", he responded to RTL.

"It's a decision between me and me"

Nicolas Hulot announced his departure on the morning of France Inter, Tuesday, August 28th. "I make the decision to leave the government"he said, adding: "I do not want to lie to myself anymore."

He assured him that he had not warned the President of the Emmanuel Macron Republic or Prime Minister Edouard Philippe of his decision to leave his post. "It's a decision between me and me."

Nicolas Hulot leaves the government

The Monde.frThe Minister of Ecological and Solidarity Transition announced his departure from the government without, he said, having warned the President or the Prime Minister.

Hello everyone, and welcome to this directly devoted to the announcement, by the minister of ecological transition and solidarity, Nicolas Hulot, his resignation from the government of Edouard Philippe.

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