The holidays continue for Brigitte Macron

Emmanuel Macron left Fort Brégançon Tuesday night. His wife Brigitte stayed there with his family.

Emmanuel Macron returned to Paris Tuesday night after spending two weeks in Fort Brégançon. He was therefore present at the first Council of Ministers of Return on Wednesday morning. For his wife, the time is not yet back to school. Brigitte Macron stayed at the fort with her family. During her two and a half week holiday, the First Lady was seen regularly. In mid-August she made an electric bike ride to Bormes-les-Mimosas, where the summer residence of the Presidents of the Republic is located. Previously she was photographed in the back of a jet ski of Fort Brégançon.

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Last weekend she was on the beach with her daughter Tiphaine.

Emmanuel Macron works in the fort on 25 and 26 August

Emmanuel Macron became more discreet. He made only an official exit to attend the commemoration of the liberation of the village of Bormes-les-Mimosas, August 17. In the company of his wife he had a book signature and other selfies with the locals and tourists.

The presidential couple also took a walk at the beginning of his stay at the foot of Fort Brégançon. He was also seen at a dinner with his neighbors, Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg and his wife Maria Teresa, whose residence is only 2 kilometers from the fort.

Emmanuel Macron returns to Brégançon this weekend to work.

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