the image of Emmanuel Macron deteriorates

A majority of the French (54%) judge disappointed the action of Emmanuel Macron whose image is deteriorating, according to an Elabe poll * released Wednesday for the return of the executive. If they are less numerous to judge negatively the action of the head of state (-5 points) compared to a previous survey in mid-July, they are more than 14% (-1) to judge it as "sufficient". For one Frenchman who is interviewed at three (32%, +6), "it is still too early to say".

80% of the French think it is authoritarian. After the Benalla affair and the summer holiday, the image of Emmanuel Macron deteriorates significantly compared to a survey in January, according to the BFMTV survey. While eight out of ten French (80%, +7) find it authoritarian, they are less likely to "dynamically" assess it (72%, -5) and "are able to reform the country" (53%, -7). ). Above all, only 28% (-16) of the respondents found it "able to bring the French together".

Also for a majority, the policy led by the executive power worsens their personal situation (58%) and that of the country (57%). 6% think it improves their personal situation and 16% that of France. They remain "stable" for the others.

The majority of the respondents trust him on withholding tax. While 60% say "optimistic" for their personal future, against 40% of opposing views, the French are "pessimistic" (67%) "about the future of society" (against 33% who want "optimists"). ). The French ultimately rely on the executive power (55%) to carry out the work of collecting tax at the source. But this is the only topic on which a majority stands out in his favor. According to Elabe, 59% do not trust him to lead the constitutional reform, 62% the reduction of deficits or 68% pension reform.

* Research conducted online on 21 and 22 August with 1,003 persons aged 18 and older, according to the quota method. Error margin of 1.4 to 3.1 points.

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