The incredible hide-and-seek of Benalla's companion

On Friday, July 20, Alexandre Benalla, the former adviser to Emmanuel Macron, would marry Myriam, his partner. The marriage had to be postponed because the young assistant director of the president's office was in custody because he had taken the initiative to arrest a couple during the demonstrations of May 1 in Paris.

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If the role of Myriam in this case seems secondary, the judicial police have made great efforts, using techniques that were usually reserved for the fight against organized crime to find its way, says Le Parisien.

Geolocations, bank requests, identification of her car … The researchers wanted to find her to understand how the vault of Alexandre Benalla could have disappeared from their home.

Benalla had refused to give the coordinates of his companion

Indeed, the only person with the keys to housing in Issy-les-Moulineaux was the companion of Alexandre Benalla. The latter had also said to the police: "My wife has certainly gone abroad this time to rest and to flee with our baby journalists."

During his detention, the former presidential adviser refused to tell the police where his 32-year-old companion was and also not to share his information to protect her, he said. Faced with this refusal to obey, the police tried in vain to force the door of the couple's house and eventually seal it for lack of time.

A central witness

The next day, when the police finally arrived to force the door of the house, the safe with the arms of Alexandre Benalla has already disappeared. It is therefore impossible to know whether this box contains other documents that can be used in the investigation.

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The daily newspaper remembers that Alexandre Benalla, in a statement to the judges, tried to dispel the misunderstanding: "On July 19, my wife called me to tell me that there were enough journalists in front of the house and in the hallway. to pick up my wife and get everything that could be stolen, valuables including weapons, he has since returned the guns himself, but Myriam appears as a central witness in this volatilization of the vault.

Finally found in the 16th arrondissement of Paris

And it is impossible to find Myriam abroad: no flight is registered in his name. Finally, the geolocation of the future woman shows that she is in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. The police, who ultimately receive Myriam's e-mail address from the town hall of Issy-les-Moulineaux, send him an e-mail for "making contact".

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During his detention, the young confidant at Elysee was offended by this ruthlessness, he says in his article the Parisian : "I wonder about the possibility to do research on my wife who has nothing to do with this whole story, she is already pretty upset. According to the newspaper, Myriam has not been heard so far.

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