The Macron hunter project is becoming clear and scaring environmental activists

POLICY – The price of the national hunting license will be halved, as claimed by hunters, on Monday, August 27th, the Elyseepaleis, which outlines the contours of a broader reform of the hunt that causes environmental defenders. .

On the occasion of the second high-level meeting on hunting in six months, Emmanuel Macron, who has already expressed his support on several occasions, decided to reduce the national license from 400 to 200 euros.

The national license allows, in contrast to the departmental organization, to hunt all over the territory. It is owned by only about 10% of the approximately 1.2 million French who hunt every year, according to the National Federation of Hunters (FNC).

Which modalities for the management of "huntable" species?

This decline, which is not really a surprise since the February President gave the green light for a reflection on the subject, is not necessarily a major concern for environmentalists.

They are particularly concerned about the new management of huntable species. At the meeting on Monday, with the Minister of Ecological Transition Nicolas Hulot and the chairman of the FNC Willy Schraen, the list of the first six species that will be influenced by this "management" at the end of the year Adaptive "has been announced, including gray geese, capercaillie, turtle pigeons and black-tailed ships.

Currently the list of huntable species, mainly birds and some mammals such as wild boar, is frozen. The new & # 39; adaptive management & # 39; which has been discussed for several months, is based on strengthening the collection of data on the conservation status of species and on the harvesting of hunters.

A hunter-funded $ 16 million fund for biodiversity

A scientific council to be established in the autumn should inform the government about the quotas to be determined for each species concerned. Hunters hope that some protected species will eventually be hunted. A perspective that is invoked by environmentalists who like the new formula can only reduce the existing hunting quotas.

Of the "64 bird species" hunted in France, "20 are on the Red List of the International Union for Nature Conservation" (IUCN), Monday convicted on BFMTV the President of the League for the protection of birds (LPO) Allain Bougrain-Dubourg, who argues for a ban on the hunting of all species on this list, such as the turtledove.

The reform also provides for the establishment of a € 16 million fund 'managed by hunters' (€ 5 levied on each national license, supplemented by the state with € 10 per hunter)' for concrete actions in favor of biodiversity (restoration of hedges, wetlands), said in an interview with figaro Secretary of State for Environmental Transition Sébastien Lecornu, leading the reform.

The opening of the hunt will gradually take place at the end of September

Hunters will also have to undergo a refresher course every ten years. And the French Agency for Biodiversity (AFB) and the National Bureau for Hunting and Wildlife (ONCFS) are going to merge and join their sources of environmental police, including the fight against poachers and Illegal hunting, adds Sébastien Lecornu.

While the hunting season is gradually being opened in France by the end of September, hunters are launching a large-scale advertising campaign in several major cities on Tuesday with the following question: "The hunters, the first ecologists of France?". Question to which they answer yes, but animal lawyers such as the Brigitte Bardot Foundation do not share their opinion.

"France can not remain the eternal red lantern of the animal condition, we have to stop lying in front of the hunters!", Monday the organization denounced on Twitter, while the president recently named Nicolas Hulot "trouillard" on this subject.

As far as animal welfare is concerned, the FNC is determined to draft a "charter" for the controversial hunting and "drowning traps" will be banned, Sebastien Lecornu assures, adding that discussions are taking place on other "traditional yachts". The NGOs in particular condemn the glue hunt, where they bury branches where birds come to rest.

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