The man dies while trying to escape the police control

A man died in a scooter accident after he wanted to flee a police check last night, according to information from Europe 1. His passenger was seriously injured.

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The facts took place about 22 hours yesterday in the Porte de la Chapelle district, north of Paris. Police officers from the Parisian intervention company who had patrol on board their van saw a white scooter with two people. They had just left a place known to the police to house drug trafficking behind a petrol station. The scooter took a street in the wrong direction, the police tried to block the way to control it. The pilot, with his passenger, manages to avoid them and to escape in a dangerous manner. They take streets in the opposite direction, roll on the sidewalks and run several times on foot by the police, still according to Europe 1.

The scooter then ran a red light and hit a car violently. A doctor who was present on the spot tried to resuscitate him, without result. The driver died and his passenger, seriously injured, was taken to the hospital. Their helmets were not confirmed. An investigation has been opened.

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