The Media accuses his former boss, Sophia Chikirou, of "abuse of social goods"

The co-founders of the web TV accuse him of having paid the money from the media for disputed benefits.

The crisis continues in the media. The web-based production company near the Insoumis criticizes its former director of the publication, Sophia Chikirou, to receive unduly received amounts for the benefits of another company that she was president, reveals release Wednesday, August 22. These two payments, one of 64,000 euros, already done and the other of 67,000 euros blocked by the bank, were invoiced by Mediascop, a consultancy agency led by Sophia Chikirou.

At the same time, co-founder and director of the publication, the person who was also the communication director of the presidential campaign of Jean-Luc Mélenchon Le Média left with a crash in July, to take care of the communication of the unheard of France. Since then, Sophia Chikirou and the production company have multiplied the formal notifications in recent weeks, of which the Agence France-Presse has obtained a copy, as well as swear words from media intermediaries.

On August 14, Le Média Mediascop ordered a payment of 64,000 euros refunded on July 25 because "No contract relating to the services covered by the Mediascop bill is concluded between the latter" and the production company Le Media, reports AFP. The invoices indicate that the services from September to December 2017 consisted of providing labor, materials and advice in strategy and communication. Some of these services were offered by Sophia Chikirou himself.

"The settlement of an unpaid invoice, for the benefit of a company of which you are the sole shareholder, constitutes a use of the funds of The Media, which you knew were in conflict with its interest", wrote the lawyer of the media, Jeremy Afane-Jacquart, in his missive.

On 31 July, Sophia Chikirou had requested a first reminder for the settlement of € 67,000 for unpaid benefits, executed from January to July 2018. In a new notification on 20 August, his lawyer estimated the accusations "unjust", "because the project of the Media is the project of Mrs. Chikirou, who bore and bore it and for which she did everything in her power so that it could function".

"No" offense ", no fictitious work or misuse of assets has ever been committed and the accounts have always been perfectly loyal, what your customers [Le Média] do not ignore, adds the defense of Sophia Chikirou, arguing that the companies of the two other co-founders of the media, Henri Poulain and Gerard Miller, "have also billed and under the same conditions benefits for the Media".

On Wednesday the two men insured themselves in a statement "never validated, at any time and in any form, the invoices" from Mediascop. "We did not know at all that Sophia Chikirou had commissioned Mediascop to give her advice and to define the development and communication strategy of the Media."they are on it.

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