The Media: Sophia Chikirou ordered to pay back

This is a new episode in the saga of the media, the webtele of obedience Insoumise, which reveals liberation. The former director of the publication Sophia Chikirou, who left her position at the beginning of July, is accused of embezzlement by two co-founders of the media, Gerard Miller and Henri Poulain. According to the newspaper, they sent Sophia Chikirou a letter of formal notice to repay a payment of 64,000 euros and she waives a new payment of 67,000 euros.

If the person who resumed a post from France's counselor insuffinates a few months of the European elections, does not respond to the letter from the two co-founders of the media, they threaten to file a complaint for abuse of business assets.

A conflict of interest

A continuation of the Mediapart revelations that explained that Sophia Chikirou had validated the two payments in favor of the Mediascop consultancy firm as president of the media company. A company that is run alone. Sophia Chikirou is on the issue and receipt of invoices, Gerard Miller and Henri Poulain, who say they have not heard about these payments, see a conflict of interest.

They also wonder whether some services invoiced by Mediascop were made by the former leader, who claimed to work voluntarily for webtele. "All the pieces that prove the bad faith and the hypocrisy of Miller and Poulain are in the hands of my lawyer, respond to release Sophia Chikirou. They show that, as of October 2017, a prediction was made by Anaïs Feuillette [compagne de Miller, NDLR] offers a debt of 80,000 euros to Mediascop. "Legal battle, end of the notice period: the soap opera is far from over and can poison the return of the media, which will be determined by the new management on 17 September.

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