The Monegasque police fired on a fugitive who was eventually arrested in Nice.

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The motorist refused to follow the orders of the Monegasque police.

On Saturday at 11 am, after a dispute, the police intervened for a hotel in Monaco. A motorist who had had the altercation refused to submit to a check of the public security police.

He runs away, the police fires

Behind the wheel of his Mercedes, the man went with & # 39; threatening and dangerous & # 39; behave better. Officers shot at the car and pierced one of his tires. This did not prevent the fugitive from continuing his route on the Moyenne Corniche to Nice. He managed to leave the Principality. A Monegasque police officer was slightly injured in this intervention.

The gendarmes take over

Reported by their Monaco counterparts, Menton's policemen saw the fugitive driver and drove him away. The chase ended half an hour later for the Riquier station in Nice.

The fugitive arrested

Police and gendarmes intercepted the driver and continued to sue him. The man, in his forties, drove drunk.

According to the first investigations by the police of the departmental security of Nice, there would have been a dispute between the actual cause and the porter of a hotel in Monaco.

Cooperation between Monaco and France

The forties, which were already known for contempt, were released on Sunday after his detention. He was informed of a summons by a judicial police officer (COPJ) for a subsequent trial.

The Nice Office is awaiting a request for international mutual assistance from the Monegasque court. It will allow police officers in Monaco to hear the wrong target on French territory, in the framework of a rogatory committee, reports Nice-Matin.


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