the motorists of Ain stand wind against the passage to 80 km / h

Since a few days some radars from the department of Ain no longer work. Blame the drivers who destroyed them. The radar of Saint-Martin-du-Mont no longer flashes because it was covered with a black plastic filmlike most radars in the area.

On this busy road, there are three control zones on a section of only 20 kilometers. Motorists do not fray. "Driving at 80 km / h on such a long straight line … I do not say that I agree with those who destroy the radar, but I am not against it", says a driver who regularly lends this away.

Since the beginning of the year 86 radars were damaged in Ain, including 28 since the passage from 90 to 80 km / h on secondary roads, seven times more than last year at the same time. By destroying a radar, a motorist is liable for a fine of 3500 to 75,000 euros.

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