the municipal policeman had lied about his aggression

The 42-year-old official said that he was attacked in his garden by several people from the travelers' community on Sunday. He invented everything.

On Monday, Europe 1 revealed that the head of Villevaudé municipal police in Seine-et-Marne had been attacked at 11 am Sunday morning while it was in its place. The 42-year-old man, who suffers from various fractures in his nose and arm, said he lost consciousness under the violence of the assaults. Transferred to the hospital he told the police in Chelles that he had been attacked by several men, members of the travel community. The week before and as he himself had explained, he had evacuated people from the journey of a piece of land in the city, which could have provoked their discontent.

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All this has happened and the man has admitted to lying during his attack as Tuesday revealed Le Parisien and France Info. The man went back to his statements and his version of the facts, said Séverine Delcours, deputy prosecutor at the prosecutor's office in Meaux. The latter explained that "the injuries of the municipal police officer are the result of a private party in his home for which several people were invited.It is not an aggression by three persons who would have entered his garden." For the moment it is not known whether this is a voluntary attack and "the origin of injuries".

The deputy prosecutor also stated that "it is not a free attack, he has not been attacked because of his status as a policeman" and added that the man-made version of the facts "of dismay of a gentleman who was not healthy. "Séverine Delcours explained that it does not exclude to follow up on this" false information "and that the event could have an impact on the approval of the municipal police officer The investigation of police officers from the police station in Chelles continues.

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