The national meeting rejects a cassation appeal after the confiscation of one million euros

Marine Le Pen has been a member of the Pas-de-Calais since June 2017. – NICOLAS MESSYASZ / SIPA

After the court decision, on Wednesday 26 September, to reduce the confiscation of government support from the national meeting from two to one million euros,
Marine Le Pen has announced that it is considering an appeal in cassation to recover the second half of this amount. In a statement published on Monday, October 1, the party has finally announced that it has waived this decision.

The National Gathering (ex-FN) "is forced to renounce any application for admission of the profession," said the party's lawyer, David Dassa-le-Deist, in the statement. A cassation appeal would amount to "depriving the National Assembly of
the refund of the amount of 1 million euros, which would emphasize the uncertainty of his situation ", the text clarifies.

"If the price to be paid is the disappearance of the national meeting, it is clear"

"The agency that must give us back the million return that the chamber of instruction has given back to us, asks us for a declaration of non-appeal to be able to pay back this amount," explained the President of the National Assembly. a few minutes after the court's ruling. "So, whether we hit the million that somehow has been stolen in some way, which we obviously need urgently, or we do," said Marine Le Pen.

"Go to the Court of Cassation, plead and see that the Court of Cassation gives us reason, it would obviously be a great joy, but if the price to pay is the disappearance of the National Collection, it is clear, you understand it well. yes, no question, "she concluded.

The RN considers "the submission of a priority issue of constitutionality"

On Wednesday, 26 September, the investigating chamber of the Court of Appeal in Paris confirmed the principle of confiscation of state aid in the case of allegedly fictitious jobs in the European Parliament, but reduced its quantity from two to three. a million euros. Magistrates claimed "the risk" that
the party, "with big debts", does not use it to repay its loans and can no longer pay the fines and damages in case of conviction to a lawsuit.

"The National Gathering, however, reserves the right to exercise its rights through other means, including the submission of a priority issue of constitutionality," added the lawyer of the party in the press release. .

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