the owner of an arsenal in a flag that is being investigated

The sex agent has a "collector's profile".

A non-operational rocket launcher, 19 kilograms of TNT, 19 guns and a grenade seized: the owner of an arsenal discovered Wednesday in a pavilion of Saint-Denis in Seine-Saint-Denis, was indicted in Bobigny on Friday. The 61-year-old man, chairman of a shooting club in the Oise where he resides, has a collector profile & # 39 ;, says sources near the research.

Sued for possession of weapons and explosives, he was placed under judicial supervision.

Also legal weapons. He was arrested in the Oise on Wednesday, a few hours after the discovery in Saint-Denis of weapons by the police who had been summoned for a possible burglary. Confiscated, the researchers of the department's judicial police are quickly reassembled to the son of the former owners of the pavilion, deceased.

The sex-ager explained to him that he had inherited Saint-Denis's house and his father's coat of arms, and indicated one of the sources close to the investigation, indicating that the weapons and explosives were old. He also possessed legal weapons at his home.

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