The relatives of François Hollande denounce the & # 39; drift & # 39; from Emmanuel Macron

The figures of the PS make use of the return to the future, on the occasion of a seminar that brings together elected socialists in La Rochelle until Saturday. Stéphane Le Foll and François Rebsamen, near François Hollande, have both tackled the first year of Emmanuel Macron's mandate.

Stéphane Le Foll, now mayor of Le Mans, wants to propose to the socialist militants "a manifesto of French and European socialists" in which he not only defends "certain growth", but also "the omnipresence, centrality of power, distrust of opposing forces" "," hypercentre "and" precedence of the presidential election over the rest "in Macronian power. The elected PS sees a "bonapartist" presidency that "poses a risk to our democracy".

"A liberalism very little tinged with social progress"

"His method is the permanent plebiscite because everything is decided on Elysee and he wants to check everything", he criticizes in an interview with figaro August 19. "If you want to govern a country like France, do not start a whirlwind of reforms for a rapidly changing world," said Stéphane Le Foll, who judges the president "too hastily".

François Rebsamen, former Minister of Labor and President of the national federation of socialist and republican elected representatives (FNESR) denounced a "drift" of the current five-year "surprise". In particular he describes "a liberalism that is very little tinted with social progress" in an interview with world this Thursday.

The closing of François Hollande also regrets that the president does not "recognize" that he "has benefited from the measures of the last five years" while he was minister. François Rebsamen denounces "reforms that have been taken into total impunity" without "a guiding principle, apart from favoring those who have helped better to win".

For him, the Benalla case says "much about the Jupiterian view Emmanuel Macron has of the exercise of power". "Democracy works well when the intermediary bodies are respected, but Mr. Macron has steadily reduced them since his arrival," he claims.

The New Left group soon renamed the Socialist Group?

The socialist also regrets that the PS did not organize a summer school this year, sign for him "a political party is falling apart". To counter this trend, "we should not be afraid of François Hollande, nor of our history," he says The world. "If we remain afraid of our name or our history, the PS can disappear", feared the elected socialist.

It is also in this sense that, according to information BFMTV, the socialist MP Valérie Rabault will, during the parliamentary days of 10 and 11 September, propose to rename her parliamentary group "Socialist Group" instead of "New Left", their label since 2017 .

The shadow of François Hollande still floats on the PS, but has no concrete consequences at the moment. If the former president distils his remarks about Emmanuel Macron, especially in his book The lessons of strength, the French do not seem in a hurry to see him again as head of state. According to an Ifop survey for Le Figaro released Wednesday, only 17% of respondents hopes for his candidacy in 2022, and 44% among socialist sympathizers.

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