The secretary of the PCF, M.Vesentini killed in the accident – 03/09/2018

The relief could not do anything despite the means used. The couple died instantly. Photo Christophe Barreau

The relief could not do anything despite the means used. The couple died instantly. Photo Christophe Barreau

Yesterday morning on 6113, a collision between a motorcycle and a car at Moux caused the death of two people, the regional councilor and her husband, and injured four others.

Around 9:30 am yesterday morning, on the RD6113 near Moux, a vehicle that apparently had left its lane for an inexplicable reason hit a motorcycle in the opposite direction. On the bike were the regional Communist councilor and department secretary of the Aude PCF Mylène Vesentini and her husband Bernard Vesentini. Despite the intervention of firefighters and Samu, who sent a helicopter on the 113, Mylène and Bernard Vesentini could not be resuscitated. The gendarmerie investigation will determine the exact circumstances of the accident.

They were going to prepare the festival of L & # 39; Huma

There were four wounded. Among them, the driver of the vehicle who could get out of his vehicle, and three witnesses of the accident, who wanted to help but were shocked by the arrival of the firefighters who cared for them.

The Visentini couple left for Coursan, where Bernard had already spent the day loading the stand of the Audoise delegation at the Humanity Festival together with other activists. They had just returned from the Summer School of the Communist Party in Angers.

His sister Sandra already on the 113

His sister, Sandra, died a few years ago in tragic circumstances on a motorcycle also on the 113 near Carcassonne, while he drove his instructor as part of his motorcycle license.

The reactions (see below) did not come too slowly from the region, the PCF, the opposition group of the mayor of Carcassonne.

A condolence register will be open to the Aude 93 Aime Ramond Street federation in Carcassonne, Monday and Tuesday from 10 hours to 12 hours and 16 hours to 19 hours.

From a family of activists

Mylène Vesentini (58), born as Carlesso, was born in Puichéric and comes from a family of old communist activists. She was ATSEM in schools, trade union leader at the CGT territory agents, she also sang in a rhythmic blues orchestra, the Zazous. She joined the PCF in 1980. She was responsible for the organization and assumed her first responsibilities in the CPF of Aude in the early 2000s, before she was elected councilor in Carcassonne under the mandate of the socialist Jean-Pierre Perez . In 2015 she is a candidate for the Left Front at the departmental elections. she was elected as regional councilor in 2015 and became a member of the national council of the PCF. The shock was deep yesterday in the communist family and among all those who knew it, including journalists. She has two sisters, including Christine in Narbonne and a brother, William, an educator in Narbonne, and two children. Mylène Vesentini has just celebrated her birthday on August 5th.

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