The socialists stand still in La Rochelle

The socialist representatives who met at a seminary at the beginning of the school year did not succeed in debating or uniting.

In La Rochelle this Saturday the sky was blue. But throughout the day the wind has often shaken the spectators. However, it is a different kind of freshness that chilled the return of the 400 elected socialists who gathered for a series of seminars in a closed session away from the press.

They are far away, these great political raids, when thousands of militants gathered in the port city for their summer school. Nowadays only tourists, many in this season, put a little atmosphere in the streets of La Rochelle. Until 2015, the greatest socialist figures were busy to debate and to pose for the goal. Olivier Faure, the first secretary of the PS, hopes to return to tradition next year, once the current problems, starting with the move of the seat of the PS.

Much absent on Sunday

On Sunday, before his speech, none of his former competitors will be present at the post of first secretary. Luc Carvounas is married to one of his friends. Emmanuel Maurel preferred to appear next to Jean-Luc Mélenchon in Marseille. Stéphane Le Foll goes to the agricultural fair of Loué, as he does every year, he wants to clarify. On the other hand, he spent the whole day on the spot Saturday and dined with about sixty of his relatives.

Francois Hollande did not come either. To the annoyance of his friends, still numerous in the National Socialist federation of elected republicans. "It is a measure of wisdom on his part, while some argued that his presence would have stifled Olivier Faure, says the head of socialist senators Patrick Kanner, but Francois Hollande is a former militant, former head of state, he is here and he can not censor himself during the meetings of his family. & # 39;

Cazeneuve could have been the Didier Deschamps of the PS

The apologies are numerous and the tensions always seem so lively. First controversy: the European elections. The different socialist currents have been bumping for weeks. Even before one substantive proposal has been made, the battle for the head of the list takes on a new dimension. Everyone promotes his champion. Olivier Faure seems to have the greatest difficulty in finding a way out. There is no head forward. & # 39; I hear why you did not mention Didier Deschamps, & # 39; he says ironically, "but that is because of Didier Deschamps. & # 39;

Bernard Cazeneuve could have been this "Didier Deschamps" that was hoped for by the socialist leaders. But he did not say yes and does not seem motivated by the adventure, dangerous. "I support him, even if he does not want it, that does not stop me from supporting him, defends Patrick Kanner, he has the necessary authority and is respected, but I know that I irritate him when I say that." Once the disappointed hope, like that of a candidacy from the Belgian Paul Magnette, it is the big haze. On the left side of the party we try to increase the pressure, threatening to leave if the head of the list would embody a too centristic line.

Marie-Noëlle Lienemann, elected to the Senate, is one of those blasters. She says: "I wish Emmanuel Maurel at the top and if the social-democratic line wins, we will create a new structure." This umpteenth threat of splitting would be to create a movement that is likely to endure political alliances, especially with disobedient France. The senator's project seems more than thoughtful, as it anticipates the loss of the vice-presidency of the Socialist Group in the High Assembly, in case of departure from the PS. "I do not need that to let myself be heard," she says.

These threats are annoying. Olivier Faure recalls that he does not intend to keep someone against his will. Stéphane Le Foll supports. "Emmanuel Maurel would not give Jean-Luc Mélenchon a voice, his departure would probably not make us lose either." Do not fall into the trap of "hold me or make an accident", because & # 39; There will be no accident. & # 39; Can the left of the Socialist Party hope for guarantees from the management? Although he had excluded any possibility of alliance with Jean-Luc Mélenchon at the Aubervilliers Congress, Olivier Faure said today that he is open to the implementation of "common fights & # 39; It is not a question of alliances with him in the following Europeans.

"My goal is not to irritate everyone"

All socialists insist on the need to finally make real proposals. "I do not take myself to consider that the PS is dead from the point of view of ideas, otherwise he will be dead," warns former minister Patrick Kanner. It is a different pair of sleeves to agree on the content of these proposals, and that inevitably diminishes to an indispensable clarification of the socialist line. The snake bites its tail. "My goal is not to irritate everyone, even if people like to get angry," Olivier Faure tries to convince.

The return will be animated with the PS. Activists choose a political orientation in mid-October. Then they have to stop the list of candidates to Europe under the different streams. Before returning to the "summer university" formula, it will first be necessary for Jaurès and the festival of Blum to spend the winter as well as possible.

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