the suppression of the numerus clausus in study

The LREM deputy of the Isère Olivier Véran, together with other parliamentarians, is working on proposals for the & # 39; numerus clausus & # 39; to remove, which limits the number of medical students, he said Wednesday at France Inter. The government could decide on the presentation of the health systems reform, 18 September, to transform medical studies, including the removal of the "numerus clausus", according to information from France Info.

"Unfair and profound". "I can not anticipate the decision and the content of the words of the President of the Republic, but if you ask me what I am wearing, I think we must at the same time unfairly terminate this system (the numerus clausus) and profoundly" said the deputy of Isère, he himself doctor. According to him, "it is only a way to prevent French doctors from studying in France" and "we have to go further". Olivier Véran argued for "other ways to go further", such as another selection or a "common core of training, depending on whether one is a doctor, physiotherapist, nurse, osteo or dentist." By launching the consultation prior to this reform, aimed at transforming the health system, the government had promised in February "an unlimited reflection on the numerus clausus", which each year reduces the quota of students admitted to the second year of medicine. the result of a very demanding competition.

Two options on the table. According to France Info, the executive would have the will to put an end to this competition by proposing a "more natural" selection instead of the classic partials. The government would have "two options on the table", ie replace the numerus clausus with a "numerus apertus", ie a minimum number of places defined at national level and which may vary according to region. , or to leave the choice at the universities to train as many doctors as they want.

8,000 doctors trained every year. Before the numerus clausus, founded in 1972, we trained 12,000, 13,000 or 14,000 doctors a year, said Olivier Veran, against just over 8,000 today. For him, oppression is not "a short-term solution for medical deserts, but a solution for the future". But "favorable to a reform of medical studies", which "are no longer adapted to medical practice", said the CSMF, the first union of liberal doctors, Wednesday "as opposed to total deregulation of the number of trained physicians", by to include a statement in "great consultation".

The Minister of Higher Education "Frédérique Vidal and I are working on the training of future doctors, more modern cooperation, skills, well-being." A little patience #NumerusClausus ", responded to Twitter, the Minister of Health Agnès Buzyn, Wednesday afternoon.

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