The weather of Sunday, August 26: a sunny day

The day will be pleasant in most parts of the country, with the exception of the Channel, which will see the arrival of the clouds of a new disturbance.

The weather is sunny again all over the country on Sunday, with the exception of the Channel, according to Météo-France forecasts. The day begins under a half-tinted sky, interrupted by a layer of low-hanging clouds or localized fog mists. On the other hand, time is already well loaded from Brittany to Normandy.

Wind speed up to 80 km / h on the coast of the English Channel. These are the clouds of a new disturbance that spreads throughout the day between Brittany and the Hauts-de-France, so that it rains little and becomes more moderate in the late afternoon. This bad weather will be accompanied by a strengthening of the south-westerly wind that will reach 70 to 80 km / h along the coast of Manche. At the front of this disturbance, the air will become dark in the afternoon between the Pays de la Loire, the Paris region and the Ardennes.

A sunny afternoon. On the rest of the country, after wasting the morning drip residue between the Côte d'Azur and the north of Corsica, as well as the low clouds above Aquitaine and Charentes, the afternoon will be very sunny in an atmosphere that warms up a bit. Around the Mediterranean Sea, sun and wind dominate. The gusts reach 70/80 km / h for the tramontane, 70/90 for the mistral and the west wind at the Corsican extremities.

Minimum between 6 and 9 degrees in the north. The minimum temperatures vary between 6 and 9 degrees in the interior of a large northern half, 10 to 15 degrees elsewhere and 17 to 23 near the Mediterranean Sea. Peaks reach 17 to 20 degrees along the channel, 20 to 25 degrees across most of the country, and 26 to 30 degrees closer to the Big Blue.

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